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vid agents 
"An action-comedy about the prohibition of video games." That pretty much summarizes VID Agents really.

If you are a Gamer. Then you know how serious things has become over the years. I am of course talking about all the fuss about video game violence. I mean, how could one forget Jack Thompson´s crusade against GTA and Rockstar?

Or all the times media (and the politicians) have blamed video games for pretty much everything that´s wrong and evil in the world. It's become so absurd that it's laughable. Because it´s gone so far that meida blame video games for everything and nothing now days.

And the thing is this. I have been a Gamer since the 80s. And still i haven't killed anyone, or even committed a crime. But according to media. I should be stealing cars, eating mushrooms and jumping around on peoples heads.

Well, you get my point. But this is where Philip Bache´s action/comedy video series "VID Agents" fits perfectly into the mix. Because VID Agents makes fun of the whole thing about video game violence and the medias reaction to it.

And there´s a whole bunch of famous people working on the VID Agents project. Like Jon St. John - AKA: ‘Duke Nukem for example. But sadly enough there´s a catch to all this. Because VID Agents needs to collect at least $30,000 via Kickstarter to happen.

And that goal needs to be reached within 34 days from now. So IF you like the Kickstarter video for VID Agents. Then show the project some love asap! And don´t forget to spread the word as well.
About VID Agents:
'Vid Agents' is a feature length action-comedy web series. The succinct 110 page script will be divided into 16 episodes and each episode will be roughly 10 minutes in length. The project is greatly influenced by many other great action-comedy films and television series, such as 'Beverly Hills Cop', 'Miami Vice', and 'Lethal Weapon’—just to name a few.

We love video games and think it is important that the show be fun and relevant to the modern gamer. So as an added bonus, we plan to sprinkle the episodes with friends from the video games world. FOR EXAMPLE: Jon St. John - AKA: ‘Duke Nukem’ was able to lend his voice for our trailer in our Kickstarter video!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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