Stitches - Movie reviewcomment_here

Genre: Comedy/Horror
Format: DVD
Producer: Fantastic Films, Tailored Films
Conor McMahon
Release date: 2012-10-26
Average grade internationally: 5.7/10 imdb.com  
PEGI age rating: 15+

Starting off with a rundown clown in a scrummy old caravan on the edge of a cliff making “love” to a woman. Once he throws her off of him since he has to go do a party he gets ready to go by “kitting up” and then BRING ON THE BATMAN KIT UP! After driving his “clown” car with his oversized  shoes he arrives at Toms house for the party.

After getting abuse from the children for being a sucky clown he gets his shoes tied together and a ball thrown at him , he falls on a knife in the open dishwasher he becomes…..STITCHES THE CLOWN!!  

As Tom grows older he starts having visions and dreams of Stitches and other clowns , he sees them everywhere even in his Full English Breakfast. Tom turns into Tommy Knight who has had a lot of experience with clowns in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Due to Tom’s birthday he and his friends decide to have a party but Tom’s birthday is also the anniversary of Stiches death could that mean they are in for a little “surprise” at his party?

+ This film is absolutely hilarious!!
+ Stitches’ one liners crack you up!

- Effects are horrible!
- Plot Holes

Actors:  3/5
Story:  3/5
Sound and music:  2/5
Effects:  1/5

Verdict: 3/5

tgg grade 3 out of 5

tgg author avatar christian Coggin
/Christian Coggin
The Gaming Ground
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