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pixel cup soccer 
Will you (your team) win the world cup?

Sweden may not be playing in the World cup this time. But i´m enjoying it anyway. Mainly because i can cheer for Germany (i have roots in Germany). And so far, Germany are doing really well. But i think that it´s going to be a really hard play-off final in this world cup.

Imo, Holland, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Colombia are the deadliest teams so far. But one should not count out France or Mexico. Because they can surprise everyone when you least expects it. Anyhow, in Batovi Games mobile pixel soccer game "Pixel cup soccer" (for iOS and Android. And it´s yours for $1,99).

You get the chance to lead your national team to the world cup final. Which of course are easier said than done. Because you have to face the best players in the world on your pursuit for the world cup trophy So, best of luck people!

Pixel Cup Soccer:
"Pixel Cup Soccer is a retro-style arcade soccer game with simple controls, 16 national teams to play, friendly matches, competitive cup mode, a local player-versus-player matches on the same device, and more to come in future updates."

- Simplified controls - shoot, pass and run your way to victory
- Pick-up and play with clean and challenging gameplay.
- Retro-style pixel art game resembling classic 8-bit games, evoking nostalgia.
- Play as one of 32 national teams -Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay or USA.
- Choose one of these teams and lead them to the Pixel Cup Championship.
- Local player-versus-player mode on the same iPad.
- Customize your match time and speed.
- Face off in different weather conditions and stadiums.
- Compete with your friends for a high score in the leaderboard (with Facebook posts).
- Share your replays with Everyplay.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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