Aubrey Hodges - The master of dark ambient game OST´scomment_here

One of Aubrey Hodges very best soundtracks imo.

I found a real video game music gold mine this morning. Because i found my way to Aubrey Hodges bandcamp page. And i honestly didn't know that Aubrey had done so many great soundtracks over the years. I even feel somewhat embarrassed over the fact that i didn´t know that Aubrey made the Doom 64 and Doom PS1 OST.
Which just happens to be THE most evil and dark video game soundtracks ever made. But Aubrey have worked on over 220 games in his career (as a sound designer/video game composer). So he have made a ton of awesome soundtracks over the years.

I actually listened to the Bio Freaks (PS1) soundtrack for the very first time in my life today. And i really liked that one. I should also point out that Aubrey did a really great job on the Quake 1 and Quake 2 soundtrack for the N64.
So if you like ultra dark and evil ambient soundtracks. Then you MUST listen and buy Aubrey Hodges music asap!
/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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