Aliens Infestation - Part 10 - The smart gun bluescomment_here

The smart gun takes care of those pesky Aliens in no time! 

You can´t make a Aliens game and not include the smart gun. Because that would be like having a hamburger without the burger. Well, you get my point. And for the first time ever. I had the great pleasure to try out the smart gun in Aliens Infestation. 

It´s a powerful weapon, sure. But it takes sometime to get used to it. Mainly because of it´s 1-2sek delay when you push the fire button. So basically you have to do the good ol´ Quake 2 trick (the chaingun).

Which would be to keep the gun in motion without fireing any shoots (one single push on the fire button, over and over again). Because if you don´t, then you will get runned over by the Aliens in the blink of an eye.

But once you get used to the smart gun. Then you can take care of pretty much anything in the game (with no fuss). Anyhow, please enjoy part 10 of Aliens Infestation!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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