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Will Karma reach it´s Indiegogo goal of $30,000?

Not so long ago Robin wrote about AuraLab´s point-and-click adventure game "Karma: Incarnation 1 (checkout the indiegogo campaign, and the Steam Greenlight page for more info!). Well, i had the great pleasure to ask Alexander Kuvshinov (Art director, animator, screenwriter and ideological leader of Karma: Incarnation 1) some questions about Karma.

And this is how our interview turned out. Please enjoy!

alexander kuvshinov
Mr Alexander Kuvshinov. 

Kenay TGG:
How did you get your start as a game developer?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"I always loved playing video games, and wanted to develop my own games since my early childhood. I've been employed in graphic design for 10 years, but little by little game-design industry had claimed me."

Kenay TGG:
What inspired this game?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"I love games that are unique. Samorost or Botanicula are unique, for example, they have that feeling, you know. I generally love things that have magic about them, a sense of mystery, ones that make you wonder about the unknown.This is what inspires me, and this is what I want to share."

Kenay TGG:
Is the game about self-discovery?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 

Kenay TGG:
Pip can see the astral world, so will we have a different plane with other objectives through this?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"Astral world is interconnected with the physical one, so they can't be really separated. Naturally, same quests and puzzles exist in both realities, but the perception changes as you approach them from different planes."

Kenay TGG:
Will this game be a series, or a standalone?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"We’re planning to continue the series of Karma games, if "Incarnation 1" proves to be a success. It will be "Incarnation 2", "3" etc. and will tell of next incarnations of the same character in different worlds."

Kenay TGG:
How long will the campaign be, and will we have added on content to extend its life?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"Until 3 August, and yes, we do regular updates with additional materials."

Kenay TGG:
It looks as if you used tribal instruments to make the music, what sound were you looking for?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"We wanted to make the world sound archaic, to give it a sense of mystery. There is no rush in this world, yet it is wild and dangerous.  The sound music really adds to the depth and feel of the world, giving a true sense of atmosphere and forboding.  On every corner you can meet strange creatures and weird contraptions that can touch your spirit in unknown ways."

Kenay TGG:
The world looks dark, and seedy, does this go with the theme?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"Most anything will go with the theme, it’s pretty universal. I choose this particular language to tell the story, because this is how I feel about it. Karma rules all the worlds though - every creature who has a soul is its subject, no matter what the world looks like."

Kenay TGG:
What other titles are you working on?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"Currently, this is the only game we have in production."

Kenay TGG:
When can we look forward to its release?

***Alexander Kuvshinov***: 
"Late 2014 - early 2015, we can’t give a more precise date, as it depends on how well the crowdfunding campaign goes, and whether or not we get to develop additional storylines, as this would add to development time."


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