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InSomnia are a nice mix of Fallout 2, Planescape Torment, Sci-fi and dieselpunk. 

I haven't been this excited about a RPG game since Fallout 2 and the announcement of Fallout Online (and we all know what happened to that game…). So i'm more than happy over the fact that I was given the opportunity to do a Q and A interview with Studio Mono, about their upcoming dieselpunk RPG game “InSomnia”.

So let´s rock shall we? ;)

Robin TGG:
I have heard that InSomnia has been inspired by Fallout 2 and Planescape Torment. But is there any other titles that has inspired InSomnia?

Studio MONO:
"Yes, it was inspired first of all by this game projects, but there many other inspirations from literature cinematography historical events and characters, if we talk about the game titles: Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale. Big complex RPG games"


Robin TGG:
What is it that makes InSomnia unique from any other RPG game out there? And what would be the games strongest attributes? 

Studio MONO:
"I think we have quite unique aesthetics, then the main quest or main goal systems. The main thing we are working in is not only multiple endings to one of the main question of the project, or one main quest but that making it a pivotal moment when you will need to decide what is the main question\quest is for you:
- Understand what is evacuation point and lead station inhabitants to it ?
- Perhaps you want to completely understand what is the Somnia disease is and why it happens?
- Or you may think that your main quest is getting a clear understanding of what were the reasons why people embarked on such a risky journey, why the war between Sorg regime and Noma Republic broke out?
-Or you will fight for total control of the arc on the side of one of factions.

It will not be like a save human civilisation; but 3 different types. There will be also a choice of your main quest goal. The game could end in different parts of universe, this is our goal."


Robin TGG:
I´m kind of curious to know how big InSomnia will be when it´s done and made? Both in gameplay hours, but also when it comes to in game (world) size.


Studio MONO:
"It is hard to tell right now, and I don't want to give empty promises, but know that we have tons of ideas, lore and scenarios to implement. It much depends on additional funding if we find it, I think you understand that it is impossible to build a quality complex RPG on 70k$, we will invest our own money but they are a big rich studio, with this Kickstarter campaign and investing our own money we will build only the general content, and it will be really hard but we would need to secure other sources of funding to increase the final content."

Robin TGG:
Is it possible to own houses, apartments, buildings and so on in InSomnia?


Studio MONO:
"Apartments, yes. Houses buildings, cities =) Right now we don't have such a task."

Robin TGG:
The story takes place on a half-deserted space station (“The Ark”) right? So does that mean that the players will face none human creatures in the game? (Aliens, robots and so on).


Studio MONO:
"Player will face robots, mutants somniacs, fanatics, ark security guarding systems, but the main threat are humans, not monsters, so keep your eyes open. Many characters will try to lie to manipulate you to do what they want. =)"

Robin TGG:
This is a must ask question really. What about NPC´s and the co-op mode? How many players and NPC´s can join a group? What´s the max limit?


Studio MONO:
"Co-operative is entirely optional, right now we have a capacity of 58 players but we don't have scenarios for more than 2-6 players. Other players will not replace your companions. Companions a really very important part of the game, basically you will be able to control 2 companions, but big charisma and social perks will upgrade this capacity up to 4-5 companions."


Robin TGG:
What kind of gore level will InSomnia have? Are we talking about +15 or +18? And will it be adjustable feature?

Studio MONO:
"We develop a project for an old audience, so I think 18+ is more the rating we’d get. Although right now I can't say for sure if this option will be adjustable."

Robin TGG:
What about skills, perks and character creating? Will InSomnia offer those features as well? And will there be any drivable vehicles in the game?


Studio MONO:
"We have a stretch goal with drivable vehicles, we want to make them =) About character development, the skills will grow organically, when the grow you will be able to choose a specialization in current skill for example light weaponry you can choose perks improving you use with submachine guns or revolvers, beside it the total skill cap with is growth will be sort of experience and at some levels of total skill number you will receive perk levels and a great number of perks to choose from to improve your character.

But with the game there will be a big number of traits, positive and negative that will be added to your character by them. SO in the end we will receive a character with unique skills perk and basic perks as well as battlescars"


Robin TGG:
Things are going rather well for InSomnia on Kickstarter. $48,000 out of $70,000 are collected so far. And still there´s 17 days left on the Kickstarter watch.


There´s no doubts (whatsoever) in my mind that you guys will reach that goal. But do you think InSomnia will be able to reach some of the stretch goals for the game? It would be super nice to have a playable female character in InSomnia for example (InSomnia needs to reach $90,000 to unlock that feature).

Studio MONO:
"We are preparing the update where we decide to make this stretch goal even if we don't reach 90.000=) Of course we receive many messages from out backers that really want to achieve this stretch goal so we will find money on our own, if we have to, to reach this stretch goal =)"


Robin TGG:
Now for the very last question. Will there be a wide variety of different weapons, armory, items and such in the game? Will it also be possible to modify and upgrade weapons and equipment?


Studio MONO:
"Yes there will be a wide variety of different weapon types and armor sets, and each of them will have its own mechanics of war, its own bonuses and penalties. I can't say that there will be completely a good or a bad weapon; each will have its own dynamics and you will be able to upgrade it with different customization options according to your professional skill - like electricity, mechanics etc. There will a wide variety of customization option for most every type of equipment."

/Robin E
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