Xbox One beat the PS4 sales in US last christmascomment_here

Xbox One Vs PS4 1-0 in America. 

I bet that Sony are grinding their teeth right now. Cuz incase you haven't heard it already. Microsofts Xbox One sold more units last christmas, than Sonys PS4 did. That came like a big suprise to quite a lot of people today. Becouse pretty much everyone thought that the PS4 would sell more units in America, than the Xbox One.

But that´is clearly not the case. Me, im just as surprised like everyone else right now. Sony don´t agree on that though. Becouse they claim that the PS4 has sold more units than the Xbox One in the states. So it´s kind of hard what to believe really, cuz it´s a "word against word" kind of thing.

One thing is for sure though. Either Sony or Microsoft can afford to lose the US market to anyone. So you could easily say that the nextgen war has started for real now.


/Robin E
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