MyGPTeam Turbo are now available on App Store!comment_here

MyGPTeam Turbo are a F2P racing game for both Android and iOS

I just got contacted by the guys behind the Android and iOS racing game MyGPTeam Turbo. And im very happy to inform you all that you know can download and play MyGPTeam Turbo on your iOS unit! So, may the best racedriver win ;) And good luck!

About MyGPTeam:
"Straight from the pits, the most innovative and thrilling racing experience ever! Interaction, strategy and swiftness will lead you through the game to get the most out of this adventure.

Enjoy the race 3D, speed along the Colosseum in Rome or in the other available circuits and cross the finish line in first place.

You are a natural-born leader, you are extremely smart and charismatic, you have huge responsibilities and you are not afraid of making decisions within a few minutes.
Inside yourself you know that every sacrifice will be rewarded when the smell of asphalt melts with the unique smell of victory.

In MyGPTeam Turbo your task is to lead your team to success like any talented manager worthy of the name can do, challenging other players on line in fast and thrilling races! The power and speed of your car, and the expertise of your driver depend on your strategy and ability."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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Postat av: Emelie

Det står över bilden vad det är för tabletter :P

Men det är omega-3, synerlin, fit'n'fast (blå) och waterloss (blå) :) Finns hos fitnessbutiken.se att läsa mer info på.

Svar: Okej, men då vet jag det =) Tack för infon!
The Gaming Ground

Date: 2014-01-07 Time: 14:28:43 Url: http://www.ayeartogo.blogg.se

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