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iinfect gaming
iiNFeCT Gaming are a Gaming clan from South Africa.

More and more Gaming clans has started to contact us (The Gaming Ground) lately. So we just thought that we could write a bit about that. One of the clans that caught our eye was the South African clan "iiNFeCT Gaming".

Mainly due the fact that we haven't seen that many African Gaming clans at all. So we became quite curious about iiNFeCT Gaming. So we did a little Q and A with them. So, please enjoy people =) And oh, don´t forget to check out their Youtube page!

When Were We Established:
We Came About One The 8 Of August 2013, The Clan Started With A Group Of Friends And Then Started ToGrow Rapidly. We Now Have 12 PS3 Squad Members All Devoted To The Clan And We Have 1 Xbox Team Which Is Team InTerNal, They Have A Total Of 4 Players And Have Absolute Talent.

Who Are We?:
We Are One Of The Many Few Multi Platform Gaming Clans In Southern Africa. We Have Always Looked U To Many Top Clans Around The World And In S.A And They Have Gave Us The Inspiration To Move Forward And Become A Huge Success

Social Media:
Follow Us On Twitter: @InFeCtGamingZa
Follow Our Xbox Squad: @TeamInTerNalCOD
Like Us On Facebook: InFeCt Gaming Za
Subscribe To Us on Youtube: InFeCt Gaming Za
Add Us On Skype: InFeCt Gaming Za
Visit Our Website: infectgamingsa.weebly.com

Our Roster:

PS3 Squad:
TonZzi_Za (C)
Temperrr_Za (V.C)
Michelle_Za (Manager)
Xbox Squads:
InTerNal ProFuse (C)
InTerNal Omen (V.C)
InTerNal NukeZ
InTerNal BraKeR

Xbox Division 2:
Myst Za
Airbone Za
IG Remedee
Wizen Orchid
Are U Interested In Joining Us?
Please Visit Our Website and Fill In The Join Us Form
Please Note We Are Still Looking For A Captain For Our EU Squad!
Who Are Our Sponsors?:

We Have 3 Sponsors:
•Ozone Tournaments Za
•The Gaming Ground
•Marketing For Gamers


Have You Seen Our Latest Giveaway?:
Well If You Didnt, When We Reach 300 Followers, You Can Stand A Chance To Win A Copy Of Fifa 14 (For PS4)

Our Second Giveaway:
When We Reach 50 Subs, You Can Stand A Chance To Win A Copy Of GTA V And a $50 Itunes Gift Card. One Lucky Subscriber Will win It.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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