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Title: Gentlemen...Ricochet!
Developer: Bïtse Games
Format: iOS
Genre: Platform 
Release date: 2011
Difficulty: Normal
Spent time: +5 hours
Average grade internationally: 64.33% Gamerankings.com  
PEGI age rating:
Price: 1 dollar via App store

gentlemen ricochet grey stage
Some stages are really easy to complete. While others are almost impossible to finish.

I have never been much of a golfer to be honest. But i have always liked minigolf for some odd reason. So what do you get if you combine minigolf with physics and puzzle solving? Well, you get Bïtse Games iOS game Gentlemen Ricochet! of course!

I really liked Gentlemen Ricochet´s! design and graphics right away so i must say. And it´s rather easy to dig in to the game as well. You will also get tips and advices as you play (there's a rather good tutorial at the very beginning of the game).

gentlemen ricochet the pig
Gentlemen...Ricochet! Is a bit like minigolf in a way. In other words, try to finish each stage with such a low handicap as possible!

The whole idea behind Gentlemen Ricochet! are basically to solve puzzles, and to get from start to finish with such a low handicap as possible. Well, that sounds pretty nice now doesn't it? That´s what i thought as well. But here´s the thing.

Gentlemen Ricochet! becomes quite repetitive after a while, and the controlls are far from perfect to the iPhone version of the game. And in the end. That really effects the gameplay experience in a bad way. I do like the part when you collect stuff though, and the music are really nice as well.

But as a whole, Gentlemen Ricochet! Is a mixture of both epicness and mediocreness. So i really hope that Bïtse Games will fix most of this stuff with future updates. 

+ I really love the graphics and design in this game
+ The music are really groovy
+ There´s a lot of things that you can collect

- The controls are pretty stiff to iPhone
- After a while the game feels very repetitive
- The gameplay experience could have been better

Gaming experience: 6/10
Graphics:  7/10
Sound and music: 7/10 
Controls:  6/10
Life-span: 6/10

Verdict: 6/10 
Gentlemen...Ricochet! Is not a straight-through bad game. But sadly enough, it´s flaws cripples the overall gameplay experience. But hopefully, things will become better with time (updates).

tgg2 grade scale 6

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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