Brutal Doom v19 - Doom 2 - Part 9 - Half-Life 3comment_here

brutal doom v19 doom 2 part 9
Who´s the "real" monster in this picture really?

I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw what Gabe Newell been saying to the Washington post. For starter he said "Half-Life 3 isn't a real priority". And that part made me both angry and sad. 

Cuz i (like everyone else) have been waiting over 6 years for sequel to HL2 EP2. And since 2007, Valve have teased us (the Half-Life fans) with concept pictures and smal hints here and there. What was the meaning behind all that really? Did Valve and Gaben only do that to troll us?

Im starting to think so...That´s also why i decided to talk about Half-Life 3 in this video. So, please enjoy people =) And don´t forget to comment and subscribe! ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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