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It will take 30,000 pounds to make The Tetris Challenge happen.

I sure have a "special" relationship with Tetris. And im talking about the Gameboy version (the first one that came out in 1990). Because back in the early 90s. There was pretty much nothing that could match the Gameboy version of Tetris.

I mean, you could just pull out your Gameboy and play the most addicting game ever made on the fly. That´s also why i feelt like telling you guys about Helen Stephens "The Tetris Challenge" campaign on Kickstarter. And if i have understood everything right.

The whole idea behind The Tetris Challenge. Would be that Helen will try to keep the score of the best Tetris players in the UK (can you get your name on the leaderboard?). That sounds great huh? Well, there´s just one tiny "little" problem.

Helen needs £30,0000 within 14 days from now. Or else there will be no The Tetris Challenge documentary. I like the whole idea (even though im not from the Uk). But it´s all up to you people if the documentary will happen or not...

About The Tetris Challenge:
"Have you ever seen King of Kong? Course you have, you're interested in that sort of thing and have pretty cool taste. When we watched that documentary it renewed an interest in old video games.

We dug out the old Amiga from the loft and we started playing NES and Spectrum emulators. Until King of Kong, we didn't even know Twin Galaxies existed, but then one day we looked up the top score on Tetris (Gameboy classic) and Rile discovered that his personal best of 205 lines was higher than the listed 4th place.

Of course, there are probably millions of people who could say the same, because back then we didn't care about proving our high scores, we just played for fun. So this year I bought him a gameboy classic with Tetris and told him to try and match his personal best again.

On one condition - we film his attempts and document it for the entertainment of others. Why? Because all these cool documentaries come out of America and it's time we showed what the UK is capable of, when it comes to nerdy retro video games. But if you've got a similar story, aren't you curious to see if you can reach your personal best score again and get your name on a leaderboard? So let's hold our own UK contest, let's find the best Gameboy Classic Tetris player in the UK, and let's refresh that top ten!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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