The Elder Scrolls Online Beta - Part 1 - Adventure time!comment_here

the elder scrolls online part 1
TES Online will slaughter Wow sooo hard!

I have been waiting a very, very long time for this. But my wait is finally over. Yes, i have just started to play ZeniMax Online Studios The Elder Scrolls Online. And even though it´s a beta, i am still very impressed by the game (it´s got a lot of potential).

It feels like a mix of Morrowind (the openworld) and Skyrim (the graphics and action moments). In short, TES Online are the best of two worlds really. So i really enjoyed my stay in TES Online.

But as you might figure. Due the fact it´s a beta. TES Online has it´s fair share of bugs, glitches and crashes. But so far i have experienced that many obstacles ingame. The only real problem that i (and many others) have faced.

Is that you sometime gets denied to log in to the game (D3 much?). But that's probably because ZeniMax and Bethesda takes down the game to fix some serious bugs (close down all the servers).

Anyhow, i freaking love TES Online so far. So, please enjoy part 1 of my TES Online series =)

/Robin E
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