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superlumina first contact
Superlumina are a puzzle-strategy game. Of the really addicting kind.

It seems like Norway are a Gaming nation on the uprise. Cuz i see more and more indie studios popping up each month now. So i always try to keep an close eye on Norway. Because you never know if one of this studios will create the "next big thing" or not.

And i have to say that Straight to Video Games has done a really good job with their iOS puzzle/strategy game "Superlumina" (it costs $3 on App Store). Cuz even on the iPhone it works really well . So if you are a fan of puzzle and strategy games.

Then you should most definitely give Superlumina a try! (you can try the game before you buy it. Check "lite version SuperluminaVS" out!).

About Superlumina - First Contact:
"Use your tactical skills to outwit the aliens attacking your crew in this easy-to-learn, hard-to-master puzzle-strategy game. Climb the leaderboards, challenge your friends and earn bragging rights!

Humankind has just discovered advanced space flight and an exploration fleet is sent out to chart and investigate unknown parts of the universe. On their journey, the explorers are inadvertently caught in the middle of an ongoing regional war and are forced to defend themselves against extraterrestrial beings.

Rule the battlefield by forming offensive and defensive formations, and increase the might of your army by creating combos and chain reactions. Decipher your opponent’s strategies, uncover their weaknesses and use this knowledge to your advantage as you fight your way out of a war-ridden part of the universe.

Superlumina - First Contact is the first meeting with a vast sci-fi universe which holds the key to some of Earth’s greatest mysteries! Want to try before you buy? Check out the lite version SuperluminaVS."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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