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super kid cannon 
Super Kid Cannon will be released in New Zealand for starter (in February). And the worldwide released will take place shortly after that.

I just wanted to inform our dear readers that Skyjoy will soon release their upcoming vertical launcher action game "Super Kid Cannon" (for iOS and Android). New Zealand will get the game first though (sometime this month), but don´t be sad over that my Gamer friends.

Cuz Super Kid Cannon will have it´s worldwide launch very soon as well! So keep an eye (or two) open after Super Kid Cannon on App Store and Google Play!

About Super Kid Cannon:
"Super Kid Cannon is based on a simple love story in which, Super Kid Cannon, a heroic red panda, journeys through mystical and magical places to save his beloved Justine from the evil clutches of the despicable Kahn. It’s now up to Super Kid Cannon to rescue his love, and the affable red panda will stop at nothing to save her!

With beautifully rendered worlds and environments, Super Kid Cannon takes players on an exciting ride through hand-crafted levels featuring a variety of easy-to-play mechanics. The first game of its kind, a vertical launcher, Super Kid Cannon will feature an incredible adventure with brilliant characters in a “Mario meets iOS” style game with an easy-to-play format that guarantees fun for everyone.

The game will be available in the App Store, Windows Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play in 2014. With each level drawn by hand on paper, Skyjoy level designers ensure meticulous attention to detail.

Super Kid Cannon features fast-paced vertical-scrolling action along with puzzles and strategic thinking to progress through levels. The game can easily be played by everyone but incorporates features and extras designed to offer a challenge to hardcore gamers.

Super Kid Cannon will include a variety of memorable characters, each one with their own unique personality and traits. Social integrations such as comparing ratings, scores and checking a friend’s progress in the game will also be available."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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