Final Fantasy 15 - The downfall of the Final Fantasy seriescomment_here

Final Fantasy XV has not yet been rated. But due the fact that Lightning Returns has received a lot of bad reviews (65-72% on Gamerankings.com). Only time will tell how bad (good) FF15 will be...

According to IGN and a recent interview, Yoshinori Kitase told Videogamer that Final Fantasy 15 is a "very high priority within the company." However he also reassured us that this game will not be taking precedence over Kingdom Hearts 3. Even though it's going to come out before Kingdom Hearts 3. Really Square?

Kindom Hearts has a huge fan base. I'd include myself but I'm a reporter. Gotta stay unbiased, ya know? But I can also understand Square's obsession with this game. It was quite literally their "Final" Fantasy when it was released in 1987 on the NES.

The company was going bankrupt and this was their last chance. It sold like wild fire and they were able to keep producing Final Fantasy games eventually completely restoring the company. But has it peaked?

Final Fantasy began to tread in the low waters after around FF11. Fans were starting to either get sick of the franchise or were complaining that the games just weren't as good anymore. Final Fantasy 13 almost broke the company after poor reviews and then FF14 nearly bankrupt them again.

Their only savior was a redone FF14: A Realm Reborn that actually pleased a lot of fans. But how much longer can Square Enix keep this up?

Final Fantasy 15 could be it. This is going to be the game where either everyone's FF memories of the good ol' days have been restored and the future of Final Fantasy will look bright, or the game will plummet and Kingdom Hearts will have to solely carry on the company;

I do not believe a single gamer (Besides the collectors, if there are any left...) will buy another FF game is FF15 flops. Gamers have just run out of second chances and I think Square Enix realizes this.

I suppose releasing FF15 after Kingdom Hearts 3 would cast a bit of a shadow on the game's required hype. Everyone would still probably be playing KH3. But what would happen to sales of KH3 if FF15 completely fails? Would people just give up on the company all together? Probably not. Kingdom Hearts fans are kinda crazy (Like I said earlier, I would know).

On a side note, Kingdom Hearts 3 needs to be the end of the series.

I know what you're saying, "ATC I thought you said you were a Kingdom Hearts fan!?" And to that I reply, "I am a Kingdom Hearts fan but before that I was a Final Fantasy fan and I don't want to see the KH games make the same mistakes FF games did."

Know when to quit, Square Enix...

/All The Coins - Avery Gover

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Postat av: Anonym

They need to bring out final fantasy 10 on ps3-ps4 and xbox in 1080p

Svar: High five on that bro ;)
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