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tenchi muyo
Oh, the sweet memories.

Not to be sentimental or nostalgic now. But the Tenchi Muyo series (a anime show) really holds a high sentimental value to me. Sure, Tenchi Muyo was not my first anime. But it was the very first anime show that i liked so much that i bought ALL the OVA movies (they were really, really expensive in Sweden back in the 90s).

And Tenchi Muyo was a pretty uniq anime as well (at least back then). Cuz it had both humor, action, romance, serious and none serious parts. In a way, the show was like a extreme drama series (the extreme kind).

Then you got all these really awesome, interesting, colorful and funny characters as well. Like for example Mihoshi (the stupid space police bimbo), Ryoko (a demon/space piratel) and Washu ("the greatest scientific genius in the univers").

But sadly enough. The Tenchi Muyo series changed quite a lot after the OVA series. But the new Tenchi Muyo series don't impress me that much. Mostly because the creators of Tenchi Muyo started to focus more and more on sex (nudity).

And less on writing good scripts, jokes, funny scenes and so on. Some of the full length Tenchi Muyo movies are really good though. So when i watched Justin B´s movie "Tenchi Muyo Funny Moments".

It made me remember what Tenchi Muyo "used" to be all about. So i´m actually going to rewatch all the OAV movies asap! =) Just to re-experienceall those good memories again.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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