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Courier of the Crypts are a 2D puzzle/exploration/action game.

Way back in November last year i wrote about Emberheart Games upcoming indie game "Courier of the Crypts" (the game has been inspired by games such as "Secret of Mana" and "Zelda). Well, let´s just say that a lot of things has happened since then.

For starter, Emberheart has released a handful of developer videos. And i have to say that Courier of the Crypts are shaping up just fine. But you don´t have to take my word on that. Just watch the videos for yourself ;)
About Courier of the Crypts:
"Courier of the Crypts is a 2D puzzle-exploration-action game with a twist. You play a role of a young courier that undertakes simple delivery for the custodian of the crypts which soon turns out into a deadly adventure.

Your magic torch is your friend. It will keep you warm in the cold crypts and it will keep you safe from all the bad spirits that you will encounter in lost dungeons. In order to complete each map you will have to find the exit before your flame runs out. Stay alert on your path because once you get lost you will have limited time to find magic coal. Spiders, mummies, traps and dark places are just a few dangers that you will encounter in crypts. But have no fear, oil urn is here. Make sure you put it to good use! 

Will you discover the darkest secrets of the crypts and finish the delivery?"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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