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mydream kickstarter
MyDream are now fully funded via Kickstarter!

I think it´s safe to say that things has turned out rather well for the MyDream project. Because not only has the game reached it´s Kickstarter goal of $100.000. The MyDream team have also agree on doing a little interview with us =)

So let´s get down to business!

Robin TGG:
First of all thank you very much for taking your time answering our questions. Now, for the very first question. How does it feel to have reached your Kickstarter goal for MyDream?

And did you guys feel nervous at some point that you wouldn´t make it?

We are thrilled to have reached the goal quickly but now more interested in reaching our stretch goals to make this an even richer, deeper experience for our backers.

Robin TGG:
MyDream are said to be a “Player-generated RPG: Play and Create in a 3D sandbox world built by our community” kind of game. But could you give us (and our readers) a bit more information what that really means in terms of gameplay, and possibilities for the players?

We have systems already developed for quests and adventures. What that means is that you can place a treasure down and design a maze and fort and your friends have to solve your puzzles to be able to receive the treasures. It’s like a virtual geocache. For our stretch goals, we are planning a survival system, farming system and transport systems. We provide these systems tools and players can design their own farming, survival and transport game within our game.

Robin TGG:
MyDream are set for a release to both PC, MAC and Linux correct? But are there any plans on a Xbox One or PS4 release?

We would love to do Xbox and PS4 but currently do not have plans unless the title does really well. But yes, once we have the funding for it, we will definitely be there.

mydream green field
MyDream are a very beautiful game indeed.

Robin TGG:
Could you tell us a bit more about the “Top 4 Reasons that you should not only back, but also play MyDream:” statement? I´m quite curious about the “RPG Meta-game” feature for example.

Yes, we do have worlds where we are laying our own quests and adventures. Ultimately, we will be successful if there are players who are creating these quests and adventures with our toolsets and being rewards for doing so. We think that is really exciting—that’s this is a sandbox where not only are you going to build, sculpt and craft but you get to also create your game within a game.

Robin TGG:
The Possibilities are said to be Infinite in MyDream. Perhaps you could explain and evolve that part a bit better?

Theoretically our terrain generator can generate environments in infinite directions. Obviously we haven’t had time to test it to the limit yet. :) Manually, it works for a very large world, something the size of Los Angeles. In the very near future, we are planning to add animals and plants and have them evolve according to biological patterns. So yes, the possibilities are infinite.

Robin TGG:
Will the players be able to shape and manipulate environments in the game as one pleases? Because that's the feeling i got from the new trailer at least.

Yes they can. The new trailer is real in game footage, you can terraform the environment and shape it into beautiful hillside, mountains, caves and caverns. In the last Twitch stream, one of the players said, “It’s like a watercolor come to life.”

mydream shape your game
Shape, bend, create, experience, explore and share with others. That´s what MyDream is all about.

Robin TGG:
Will there be any PVP parts in MyDream? And can the players die in the game? If so, what happens?

We are planning for a possible PVP mode if there is demand based on our kickstarter campaign and players demand on the forum. Right now players can die due to poor health and accidents/natural hazards in the game.

Robin TGG:
From what i understand. There will be night and day cycles in the game, correct? If so, what kind of impact will that have on the players and the gameplay experience?

There is currently day night cycle. We will have some extra special things such as when a player finishes a quest, there will be meteor showers that will light up the night sky. We are planning special events around moon cycles as well.

Robin TGG:
Will there be a lot of wild life and friendly (unfriendly) NPC´s in the game?

Yes! Our next stretch goals with involve friendly and unfriendly NPC’s in the game. The first are rock creatures that come to live and you can harvest them during the day. At night, they are fairly aggressive and can destroy property and cause a lot of damage. We are writing the systems right now as we speak to enable these dynamic and interactive flora, fauna and fun little critters.

Robin TGG:
Now for the very last question. Not only will the players be able to create their own worlds in MyDream. But it also seems like you could create your own adventures for others to enjoy, and even rate.

Am I wrong? Or is there some truth to it?

We are super excited to create a platform for ordinary folks to create their own 3d RPG (first person view) game in a sandbox environment. We are already providing the tools for a sandbox and adventure type game. Our stretch goals will provide us the resources to provide the tools for players to create their own survival, farming and transport based game. Please support us so we can reach these next stretch goals!!


/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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