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mad bull 34 ep1
Sex and violence. That´s what Mad Bull 34 are all about.

Jesus fu**ing christ almighty. I hardly know where i should start with this mess of a anime called Mad Bull 34 (made by Magic Bus studios and Satoshi Dezaki ). First of all i should state that the anime was released back in 1990.

And only 4 episodes were made in total (the last one aired 1992-08-21). And now that i have watched the very first episode of Mad Bull 34. I sure understand why there were only 4 episodes ever made. Because Mad Bull 34 pretty much lives on nudity, sex and violence.

That´s all there is to it really. Because Mad Bull 34 are like the 21+ version of the Police Academy series. And the whole anime plot are so damn stupid, sterotypical and unlogic. That you laugh just by the mere thought of it.

So what´s the setting of Mad Bull 34 then? Well, it´s a so called police themed anime that takes place in New York (district 34). And we (the viewers) get the great pleasure (sarcasm) to follow the two main characters (cops) of the show.

Which would be Daizaburo "Eddie" Ban (a really smal 18 year old Japanese-American), and John "Sleepy" Estes a.k.a. Mad Bull (a super big and ultra violent cop). And in the very first episode of Mad Bull 34 (The Scandal) contains everything from rape, prostitution, corrupt cops to manslaughter.

And the dialogs are just freaking hilarious. So i find it very hard to believe that Mad Bull 34 received blessings from the "real" 34th precinct of the NYPD. Because no one with a functional brain would approve Mad Bull 34. Cuz that´s not the kind of image real cops would like to have in the eye´s of the public (or media).

So why have i given Mad Bull 34 a 7/10 grade then? Easy, the show are so bad that it´s good. EP1 actually feels like a rollercoaster in a way. I mean, one moment you´re watching a really super serious and unpleasant scene.

Then in the next scene it´s all about goofing around, then it´s time for some down and dirty sex. Let´s just say that Mad Bull 34 are the kind of anime that you love to hate. Cuz it´s so fu**ing stupid that it´s brilliant.

tgg2 grade scale 7

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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