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The Zombi Unicorn herself. 

This is going to be a quite controversial subject (i´m more than aware of that). But i have been wanting to talk about this for quite sometime. Because i´m feedup with all the double morals and hippocrates on the net. I am of course talking about all the so called "Gamer girls" and "Boobs/cleavage" videos on Youtube.

Let´s get one thing straight from the very start. There are "real" Gamer girls. And there are fake Gamer girls. So what do i mean by "fake Gamer girls"? I´m talking about the kind of girls that don´t even play video games at all.

They just use their looks and pretend to be Gamers to get views on Youtube. Some may say (and think) "You´re just jealous". Well, that´s not the case. I´m just tired to see these kind of people geting rewarded for their stupid behavior.

And i can´t really say that their doing the female Gamer community any good either. I don´t know "The Zombi Unicorn" personally. But she went apeshit over this whole "Boobs" issiue in her video "All Because of Boobs".

One thing´s for sure though. The boobs videos will continue to dominate Youtube (and the web). And the "real" Gamer girls won´t be able to let their guards down anytime soon.

What about me then? Well, i hardly doubt that i can use my looks to boost our fame on Youtube. Because i don´t think that anyone would like to see my man boobs, nor my hairy man legs xD

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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