Nvidia Geforece NvStreamSvc can cause bluescreenscomment_here

nvidia geforece nvstreamsvc
Not only does the NvStreamSvc process slow your PC down. It can give you a bluescreen as well... 

This would be one of the very few times that I write about hardware related problems. But yesterday I had to fix a really annoying hardware/software problem. At first I didn't even know why the problem occurred,but just like always.

I checked the event viewer, and went through the error message. Then I found out that It was a proccess named "NvStreamSvc" that caused my bluescreen. It´s a process that´s a part of the Nvidia Geforce Experience program.

So pulled the plug on "NvStreamSvc". But there was more to It then "just" that. I also had to turn of the Nvidia 3D vision as well. And guess what? Not only did that solve the problem, but my computer are way faster now as well!

So If your using any of Nvidias graphic cards, then you should most definitely check If you have a process named "NvStreamSvc", running In the background. You can find more info and resources on the subject below.

How to solve the Nvidia Geforece NvStreamSvc problem:

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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