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Om man gillar äventyr, Sci-fi och rymden (Speciellt om man diggar Sierras gamla Quests spel). Då måste man bara köpa Anastronaut 1 och 2!

Det är alltid kul när läsare hör av sig till oss. Speciellt när de kommer med förfrågningar eller tips. I det här fallet så var det en herre vid namn Tim C. Som gillar vår (min) artikel om Anas Abdins Anastronaut spel (Läs gärna min artikel om Anastronaut).

Men det var inte allt. Tim C skulle även vilja se oss intervjua Anas Abdin. Så jag drog iväg ett mail Till Anas för ett par dagar sedan. Ptja, gissa vad? Anas svarade direkt! Så vi gjorde en mail intervju med honom. Den är dock helt och hållet på engelska.

Då vi vill att så många som möjligt ska kunna läa den här intervjun. Stort tack till Anas Abdin som tog sig tiden att svara på våra frågor. Och till våra läsare, köp Anastronaut. Ni kommer INTE att bli besvikna!

Perhaps you could do a little presentation of yourself? Whom you are, where you´re from, what you're all about etc etc.

Anas Abdin:
My name is Anas Abdin, Before Anastronaut I used to say that I am a cartoonist, composer, writer... I gathered up all those in one category: a game developer. I work in a university.


I guess that it would be an understatement if I said that you're not interested in space, adventure, exploring and Sci-fi, wouldn't it? Because Anastronaut 1 and 2, are like one big tribute to all that.

Anas Abdin:
My dream job as a child was to become an astronaut (or a fireman...) I love courageous adventures, sports of all kinds and physical activities. When I was a kid, my parents bribed me with astronomy books and scientific media of all kinds.


How did you come up with the idea of Anastronaut? And what where your sources of inspiration? Could you also tell a bit about Anastronaut for those whom don't know what the games are all about?

Anas Abdin:
I started the Anastronaut blog, writing about things in life from a space hero perspective. Filled it with drawings, music and animations... Made so many fans. Once while animating a scene for the blog, I thought it would be great if I give my fans the chance to control the animation, ergo, make a game!
I am inspired by all Sierra's quests. You can tell that by the classic GUI and mouse cursors of Anastronaut.
Anastronaut is an adventure game set in space. You control the space hero *ahem* Anas. Pretty much self explained!


I would like to ask you a kind of a deep question now If you don´t mind. Do you believe that there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe? If so, do you think that mankind will ever get the chance to meet intelligent non-human life? (and yes, I'm more than aware of the theory that mankind could originate from Mars. If so, then the human race is the only intelligent alien species that we know of today).

Imo, If I were them (those smart Alien creatures). I wouldn't bother to seek contact with the human race at all. I mean, we are destroying our planet. And we have been killing each other for thousands and thousands of years now.

So In the eyes of the Aliens. I bet that we are nothing more then a primitive and violent race. Why seek up trouble when you don´t have to? I'm just saying.

Anas Abdin:

Great question. I don't want to sound skeptic or like a philosopher. There is no determinate answer to this question, whether theories that say yes there is life or no there is not. We only sent space probes yesterday if you know what I mean, and they were sent to dead and toxic places. The universe is huge and it would be a waste of space if we were the only life supporting planet. On the other hand, if we were the only life in the universe, then we should believe in ourselves more and know how special we are.
If there is life somewhere else in the universe, I believe we will meet.
I can't agree with you about the Mars origins... Let's say the space programs are all cancelled due to wars here, few survived and started all over again. Millenniums later new-NASA sends a probe to Mars and finds the remains of -ancient- probes... I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
Why do we always assume that aliens would be any better than the human race? They could be more aggressive and even stupider than us, even though I'd still want to meet them.


Do you have any favorite Sci-fi movies, books or video games? In my case. It would be Star Trek, William Gibsons Neuromancer and Space Quest.

Anas Abdin:
Movies: 2001 Space Odyssey, 2010 The year we make contact, Sunshine. (all sci-fi movies)
Books: Illusions by Richard Bach.
Video games: Sierra's quests, Lucas Arts adventures in general.


I really love the graphic style and animation In Anastronaut. It made me think of other game titles such as The Dig, Space Quest and Another World. Anastronaut is made with AGS (Adventure game studio) isn't it?

Anas Abdin:
Yes I used AGS to create Anastronaut 1 and 2, it's a very powerful engine.


How has the response on Anastronaut 1 and 2 been this far? Have the word about your games spread throughout the world? And what do people think about Anastronaut?

Anas Abdin:
When I released Anastronaut I was not prepared for the fuss it created. It was my first game ever. I am used to creating stuff and putting them on sale (music, books... even couture) I got great positive responses from many people. Made me feel more responsible to create even better games now. I have awesome fans from all over the world.


This may seem like an off-topic question. But what games do you play at the moment?

Anas Abdin:


Btw. Have you played a old Sci-fi/action/horror game named Martian Gothic? (PC/PS1)
I stumbled up on that old gem less than a month ago (I haven´t played that game since I was a young kid).

Imo, Martian Gothic is worth a try at least. Because I love the whole setting of the game. It´s like Resident Evil, but In space.

Anas Abdin:
Nope I haven't played it.


Time to wrap this interview up. What are your plans, dreams and wishes for 2012/2013? And will there be a Anastronaut 3?

Anas Abdin:
My plans regarding game development is to keep on making games. The story of Anastronaut is written in a way that could handle many episodes.
Finally, I'd like to thank you for the interview and for checking on Anastronaut. Best of luck to you and all fans.


And thank you Anas for taking your time to answear all of our questions. This would be It for now. I hope all you guys and girls enjoyed this interview. Take care, and don´t forget to checkout Anastronaut 1 and 2!

Anas was friendly enough to answear some of our readers questions as well. So here we go!

Tim C:
Is his game going to be on steam?

Anas Abdin:
I can't give information regarding steam right now, I don't want to promise my fans something that depends on another site. However, there are other AGS games on steam.

Tim C:
Are you going to make non-adventure games?

Anas Abdin:
I don't mind making any type of game as long as it gives players great time and benefit :)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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