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There has happened quite a lot of things since we started The Gaming Ground back in 2012 (2012-01-01). I mean, that´s over two years ago now. We have for example bought some of the stuff that we needed (thanks to donations and ads).

But, If TGG v2.0 are to see the day of light. Then we will need all the help that we can get from you guys. Cuz It´s going to cost quite a lot of money to make that jump. Our plan are to launch a whole new The Gaming Ground page this year (Summer 2014), on a different platform and on a new domain.

That will require quite a lot of time to achieve (code, design, testing, check security and so on). That´s also why we need financial help to make all this happen.

So if you can only donate $1, then feel free to do so! Now you might wonder how much money we need exactly? Well, It´s hard to nail down an exact number. So let´s just say that every single cent that we get from you guys, will help us to create TGG v2.0.

So a big thanks to everyone in advance!


Im quite sure that some of you might wonder what all this donation talk is all about. Well, the fact is this. We work quite a lot with The Gaming Ground (it´s a 24/7 job). Writing articles, doing interviews, making videos and so on. And that takes time to do. 

And we have come to a point when things has started to cost money as well.

We need donations to cover the following things:
- Future projects
- Writer costs (the idea would be that we some day actually could pay people to write for us)
- Travel and event costs (train, air and event tickets are not cheap In Sweden)
- Software licenses
- Printer paper and ink

Monthly The Gaming Ground costs:

- Server costs (we pay $15 a month for the currect TGG page. And another $15 for the TGG v2.0 page)
- Internet/ISP costs - $63/month
- Blog costs - $10/month
- Twitter services - $10/month

Total costs per month:

Future The Gaming Ground investments:
- Green screen equipment - $350
- Education (CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and more) - $800

The things that we have already paid for:
- Better recording equipment (microphones, headsets and so on) - Done!
- New computers (so that we can play and create pretty much anything) - Done!
- Video editing programs - Done!
- Office tables - Done!
- New office chairs - Done!
- A new HD webcam - Done!
- Elgato HD - Done!

We are not asking you to donate millions of dollars to our site and cause. But we are thankfull for whatever you might donate to our page. Because every single cent really helps! And right now, we pay for everything with our own money.

So, what's the main purpose of The Gaming Ground then? We exist simply to entertain you boys and girls (our readers and viewers). So, If you can. please donate whatever you feel like donating to our page. Cuz that way, we can keep on working with the things that we love the most (Gaming and video games).

A big thanks in advance to everyone!

/The TGG Crew
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