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If you would just happen to stumble upon some interesting news, videos, articles or anything else that might be out of interest. In other words, stuff that you think would suit our webpage. If that´s the case. Then you are more than welcome to inform us about that matter.

The next step would be to e-mail us with your great scoop! (you will find a direct link to our e-mail below):

Thank you very much for your tip!

Keep one thing in mind though. Don´t forget to mention the source of your news scoop. Cuz we would like to credit both the source, and the person that tipped us about the news. We do so to maintain a good code of ethics (everyone wins that way). 

We also want to stress out that ALL form of spam, advertising, personal attacks, etc.. Will be blocked, and in the worst case, reported to the police.
We would also prefer that your tip text would be designed like this:

- Main Title (Ready for Publishing)

- The text itself (Borrowed text)

- Source (Link etc.)

- Your name (the tipper)

And it doesen´t matter if the text (your text) are in English, Japanese, German (or whatever). Cuz now days there are some pretty advanced translation programs which we could use. So we don´t see the language barrier as a problem anymore.

Samething goes for movies, pictures and music. In short, if you got something that you think would be out of interest for us. Then don´t hesitate to contact us asap! And we do try to answear all of our mails within 24 hours. So don´t worry, we will answear your mail asap.

After that, we will publish your tip if we find it interesting enough. And we will of course write out the name of the tipper (if the person in question don´t mind that). In the future, we hope to give our tippers some kind of reward for their work.

But that have to wait until we get enough donations per month. In the mean while, we can only say thank you for taking your time to tip us!

No spam or surreptitious ads thanks!

/The TGG Crew
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