2K Games announces a new Bioshock game

new bioshock game
Bit the apple you say? Do i smell a trap of some sort?

The body and soul of Irrational Games may be dead and gone for life. But the spirit of Bioshock seems to live on anyhow. Yes, you have probably heard about it by know. But for those who have missed out on this. I shall do a little recap for you.

Just the other day 2K Games announced (read "hinted") a new Bioshock game. So what did 2K Games show the world? A trailer? no, a gameplay video? Most definitely not. A super teasy picture of course! And that´s pretty much all there is to it.

At least for the time being. Well, okay. There´s some text on the picture as well "Come bite the apple - Eve´s Garden, Poseidon Plaza" So what does all that mean then? I have no idea. But the people at Gamespot got all the theories and speculations going down.

So, just click the link below ;)


/Robin E
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Google is buying Twitch for 1 billion dollars!

twitch tv
Twitch are now a part of the Bor...Google corporation.

Yep, it has really happened for real this time. Because back in May i wrote a little piece called "Microsoft wanted to buy the streaming service Twitch TV". Well, basicallyi wrote about the fact that MS once tried to buy Twitch TV (others tried as wel. Valve for example).

And that there were rumours on the street that Google had offered the Twitch owners 1 billion dollars for Twitch TV. Well, now it's officially confirmed. So that means that Google now owns Twitch TV. Great news huh? I mean, doesn't all this get you all existed and pumped up?

Because you know more than well that Google will intruduce a content ID system for Twitch as well (at one point or another). And don´t we just all LOVE the content ID system? *sarcasm* So R.I.P Twitch TV? Time will tell.

But what´s your thought about Google buying Twitch TV?


/Robin E
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Son of Nor early access are now available via Steam!

son of nor
Son of Nor offers co-op support up to 4 players.

Stillalive Studio´s awesome action/adventure game "Son of Nor" are now finally available via Steam early access (you can pre-order the game for $19,99). And even though it´s a "early" version of the game. Son of Nor still looks freaking great. So i might just give it a go ;)

Press release:
"(Innsbruck, Austria) July 25, 2014 - stillalive studios, Viva Media and bitComposer jointly announce the Early Access release of Son of Nor, the epic action-adventure game from stillalive studios, an Innsbruck-based developer. Son of Nor is set in Noshrac, a world inhabited by a minority of human survivors and a race of hostile creatures called Sarahul, both left behind by ancient Gods in a legacy of conflict. As a member of the last surviving humans with magical powers, the Sons of Nor defend all that’s left and battle against the Sarahul to avoid total annihilation and ultimately extinction.


Son of Nor’s dynamic game world features novel game mechanics like terraforming and telekinesis, which can be combined by the player. This unique ability to combine features allows players a new level of creativity in their actions. As players experience the world of Noshrac in Early Access, they will gain access to 14 levels offully functional gameplay. The final launch will support various gadgets, including the Tobii eye tracker and Oculus. Multi-player (4 person) and local co-op (2 person) via split screen are also supported.


In Son of Nor, a new level of technical achievement has been reached with its sophisticated terraforming game mechanic. Developed by Mautner, a Physics graduate, the algorithm powers the simulation of sand flow and interacts with physical objects in a natural way. In this dynamic game world, one can manipulate sand, move and throw objects, tear out rocks from canyon walls and even pick up enemies to place them where they wish.


Julian Mautner, lead Engineer and Founder of stillalive studios, noted that, “In Son of Nor, we have pushed the terraforming game mechanic further than before, bringing a higher degree of gameplay freedom and intensity to the action-adventure genre.”

Features in the Early Access Version:
- 14 complete levels with all game mechanics fully functional
- Multiplayer debut with up to 4 players via the Steam platform, or 2 player on local co-op mode, or simply play alone
- Play your style - use telekinesis to fight your way through, carefully prepare traps, avoid fights altogether or join forces with your friends
- Move and shape the desert using terraforming: lower and raise sand to gain tactical advantage, create barriers, trigger traps, or bury entire buildings to escape your pursuers
- Tear rocks out of canyon walls to hurl them at opponents, or use your telekinetic powers in puzzles
- Use elements like fire and wind to summon powerful spells. Combine them to wreak havoc upon your enemies
- Get immersed in the world of Son of Nor: no GUI or HUD, everything is embedded naturally and intuitively in the world’s environment
- Cleverly rid yourself of enemies, move and throw objects and create levitating bridges with telekinesis
- Use your powers to overcome enemy attacks and solve intriguing and rewarding puzzles
- A very atmospheric and mysterious sound track composed specifically for Son of Nor.

- Supports SteelSeries Sentry Eye tracking and Tobii Eye tracker: Control your powers intuitively by using your eyes
- Oculus Virtual Reality Headset*
- Emotiv EPOC, Brain Computer Interface*
- Implementation of Oculus Rift and Emotiv EPOC are currently being implemented. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

/Robin E
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League of Legends Cinematic - A New Dawn

league of legends a new dawn
Ahri are by far my favourit LOL character :3

As we all know. There´s a Wow movie in the making. But i have to admit that i´m far more interested in seeing a LOL movie (League of Legends). Especially if the guy (girl) behind the new LOL "cinematic movie" works on it. Because just imagine if he/she made a full length LOL movie.

I mean, how freaking awesome wouldn't that beon a scale 1 to 10? Just take my money already!

/Robin E
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The Sims 4 - Official gameplay walkthrough trailer

the sims 4
The Sims 4 will be released in the UK (and EU) on the 5th of September.

I can´t say that i´m a big fan of autumn. But at least i have one thing to look forward to in autumn. And that would be EA´s The Sims 4. I have seen and tried the "create a Sim Demo" for The Sims 4. And i have to say that i like the game so far.

And it seems like the majority of the Sims fans enjoy Sims 4 so far as well. I also have to admit that i got impressed by the gameplay trailer for the game as well. Because it really seems like The Sims 4 will become THE ultimate Sims experience.

I mean, just the part with creating uniq Sims and houses are like a game within a game. So yeah, i´m pretty darn excited. And i will actually attempt to make a digital copy of myself in The Sims 4. I sure hope that i don´t mess up to badly xD

About The Sims 4:
"The Sims 4 is the only game where new Sims with unique personalities open up deep, rich, and sometimes weird possibilities in the stories you create. For the first time, it's not about what they are, it's about who they are, and they come to life through brand new creative tools that are powerful, tactile, and easy to use. Also, brand new to The Sims 4, players can share their creations with other players directly in the game with the all-new Gallery. The result is a stimulating new gameplay experience that powers a new era for The Sims.

For more than a decade, The Sims has entertained millions of people across the globe and has left an indelible footprint on the interactive world. A world-renowned interactive entertainment phenomenon, The Sims continues to enhance its rich multi-platform portfolio with offerings that inspire creativity and reach one of the most passionate audiences in interactive entertainment."

- New Sims with big personalities: The heart of the franchise, the Sims themselves, are smarter, more relatable, and emotionally aware beings whose every action is affected by what they're thinking and how they're feeling. 
- These smarter Sims have traits, skills, and aspirations that have a direct effect on their behavior. Their brand new personalities let you tell touching, funny, and weird stories.
- Powerful creative tools: Create a Sim and Build Mode are more powerful, intuitive, and fun than ever before. You have the control to sculpt Sims with tactile precision. Effortlessly construct the home of your dreams with the all new room-based Build Mode.
- Vibrant neighbourhoods: Experience new gameplay opportunities brought to life by the settings within vibrant neighbourhoods. Choose among beautiful and diverse lots for your Sims to build their homes and explore activities. Expand your social circle and interact with other Sims in the neighbourhood and hang out in community parks and venues.
- Share your creations: In the all-new integrated Gallery it's easier than ever to share creations with the world. With just a few clicks, The Sims 4's wealth of community-generated content can be brought directly into the game.
- Rich rewards: Earn new objects, outfits, and traits by completing events, discovering collectables and unlocking achievements.

/Robin E
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Spinrush - A mix of Flappy Bird and endless shoot-em-up

Spinrush are available for Android and soon PC (hopefully).

It´s been a while since i heard anything about Flappy Bird. The clones, the buzz on the street and so on. But today i found out about Lubiterum´s endless shooter "Spinrush". Which just happens to remind "a bit" about Flappy Bird.

Well, i can´t say that Flappy Bird offers any spinning discs (or shooting for that matter). But i can sure relate to the addictiveness (and the anger for that matter). Anyhow, you can download and play Spinrush (for free!) to Android.

And oh! Before i forget. If you like Spinrush, then don´t forget to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.
About Spinrush:
"SPINRUSH, a direct, frenetic and endless shooter that will hypnotise you with its coloured discs.

Spinning discs shooting has never been so challenging! Test your hand-eye coordination, your patience and, above all, your concentration skills. In SPINRUSH, the six indie folks at Spanish studio Lubiterum took a modern-time classic as Super Hexagon as main inspiration and added their very own "viking twist" to it. A game that combines simplicity and rhythm in its shooter mechanics as few other games of its genre do (it is worth to mention some gamers have already thrown Flappy Bird comparisons).

Be very careful, since you must shoot only the discs with the same color as your ship, but wait, the shot has to be fired at the right time, matching the gap in that concrete disc! That simple rule, along with its clear, colorful graphics and vibrant music, turns SPINRUSH into a thrilling ride you need to try at least once in your life."

/Robin E
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Tengami - A really beautiful adventure game

A video game can´t get much more beautiful than this.

Okami sure made me drop my jaw to the floor when i saw it for the very first time. And i had the same exact feeling when i played Nyamyam Limited´s adventure/puzzle game "Tengami" (PC, MAC, Wii-U and iOS). And just like Okami.

Tengami are based on both Japanese art, legends, folk tales and magic. So basically it feels like your inside of a interactive Japanese painting. So if you liked Okami. Then you´re going to love Tengami! And btw, don't forget to checkout David Wise´s Tengami soundtrack while your at it.

Because the David´s music are just as beautiful as the game itself.
"Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game set inside a Japanese pop-up book. Fold and slide the beautifully crafted paper world to solve puzzles and discover secrets. Award Nominations: SXSW, IndieCade, SOWN, Develop ShowcaseTengami is a complete game with no In-App Purchases and no in-game advertisements."

/Robin E
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Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes the Nordic edition

disney infinity 2 nordic
Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be available at Nordic retailers on the 19th of September.

Soon, very soon. Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be found in every retail store (worth the name) throughout the Nordic region. And the pre-order program launched today! So if you live in Scandinavia and just happens to like Disney Infinity 2.0 (and Marvel).

Then you might wanna place your pre-order asap ;)

Press release:
"Nordic July, 24th - Disney Nordic confirmed today that the highly anticipated Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be available at Nordic retailers on Friday, September 19th, 2014. The sequel to the successful new family IP of 2013 expands the platform with the introduction of all new super-powered Marvel Play Sets and characters that players can experience exclusively inside of the new version of the game. The popular Toy Box mode also returns with enhanced features where users can create their own adventures and share them online with friends.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes has a PEGI rating of 7+. All characters and power discs from last year’s release of Disney Infinity will be compatible with the Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Game Software. The game will be available for pre-order from this week at top retailers.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be fully localised in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish."

About Disney Infinity:
"Disney Infinity is an interactive gaming platform where players have unprecedented freedom and endless opportunities to create stories and play experiences starring the beloved characters from across the worlds of Disney. Building on the success of last year’s initial launch, Disney Interactive announced that Disney Infinity’s next chapter, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, will hit stores this fall.

In the all new game, players use real-world interactive figures to activate original storylines (Play Sets) in the virtual game worlds of popular Marvel franchises and create new adventures with other Disney Infinity characters in the Toy Box mode. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is rated E-10+ by the ESRB. For more information, visit Disney.com/Infinity."

/Robin E
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