Orbital Gear will be released on the 7th of August

orbital gear
Orbital Gear are a really intense Mecha multiplayer shooter game. 

I´ve got some really great news for you guys. Because due the fact that Night Node will release their mecha multiplayer/shooter game "Orbital Gear" next week. We received 3 Steam keys for Orbital Gear to give away =) So we will start a Orbital Gear giveaway contest by the end of next weak!

And you will be able to buy Orbital Gear via Steam on the 8th of August. So keep your eyes open for it as well ;) 

Press release:
"UPPSALA, Sweden, 29th July, 2014 - You arm your mech with some exotic weapons and slingshot yourself with the gravitational pull from planets to battle your opponents. You fly through space with high velocity and with a bit of skill you manage to destroy the other mechs and now you're in their base, wrecking havoc on their structures. Defeat your opponents with the planet scorching Kasainami, the black hole generating Phase orb or some other exotic weapon, the choice is yours.

Orbital Gear is a high speed multiplayer shooter featuring classic arcade gameplay. You choose one of four mechs and pick two out of twelve different weapons and manoeuvre your mech through space, using gravity of planets to gain speed.

Orbital Gear has two game modes: classic deathmatch with free-for-all fighting and Orbital Warfare where the goal is to destroy the opposing team's base. Your opponents are defeated either by having their base destroyed by direct firepower or through the collection of the fallen competitor's Energy Cores, which are used to charge a super weapon that destroys the opponent's base.

Orbital Gear will be available on the 7th of August through Steam and other digital download platforms for PC, Mac and Linux priced at $9.99."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

A Rite from the Stars - Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight!

a rite from the stars 
A Rite from the Stars are a stroy about a kid (Kim) that trys to become a man.

Not only has Risin' Goat (a Madrid based indie studio) released a new trailer for their upcoming adventure/puzzle game "A Rite from the Stars". They also informed us that A Rite from the Stars are now available on Steam Greenlight as well.

There will also be a Kickstarter campaign for A Rite from the Stars in the near future. So If this is any of interest to you. Then you will find the full press release and the new gameplay trailer further down the page. 

Press release:
"Madrid, 30 July - Risin' Goat presents A Rite from the Stars' new trailer and gameplay videos in order to prepare its upcoming Kickstarter campaign. A demo version is also on the way. A Rite from the Stars is a 3D graphic adventure, that takes pointing and clicking to an exotic, yet dangerous environment: The Mystical Island of Kaikala.

You play as Kirm, a mute boy from the Makoa Tribe. Although every Makoa child must overcome a rite of passage to leave their childhood behind, Kirm's one will be harder. Because he has been chosen by the Stars. In order to become not only a man, but a legend among his peers, he will have to master three paths.

These three paths are Wisdom, Courage and Spirit. Every one features a special mechanic and poses different kinds of challenges.

Wisdom is, of course, about the mind. Kirm will have to think sharp to go through an Ancient Temple full of traps. In this path, Kirm will be able to pick up items and carry them within each temple room. However, there is no inventory, so he will only be able to carry one at a time.

Courage is about the will. Kirm will have to get deep into Kaikala's jungle to reach The Beast's Cave, where his destiny awaits. However, he will not be alone in this path. Every Makoa has a deep bond with an animal from the island. With a meerkat to be precise. They are kindred spirits. The player will be able to control both characters at the same time, but he must be careful because their bond is so deep that the death of one means the death of the other.

Spirit is about the soul and its unknown ways. After some point, Kirm will be able to enter into the Spirit World, a twisted version of reality, where physical and logical laws are not the same. Using this power will make the surrounding world change: rocks may start talking, even singing, and every corner can hide a danger.

Each path can be completed in the order desired by the player and will be supervised by one of the Makoa's highest ranks: Ailani, The Chief (for Wisdom); Kekoa, The Hunter (for Courage) and Waha Nui, The Shaman (for Spirit). In addition, a Final Trial awaits once the three paths are completed."

- Pointing and clicking
- Three paths to complete in the order desired by the player
- An unique mechanic for every path
- A Final Trial
- Different endings
- No pixel hunts
- No pointless walks
- No inventory

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Teslagrad giveaway - 3 Steamkeys are at stake!

teslagrad giveaway
Teslagrad  are a neat game indeed. So i hope to record our first Teslagrad video today.

Yes, it´s time for another giveaway. And this time it´s the nice folks at Rain Games that has provided us with 3 Steam keys (Each key are worth 9,99 Euro on Steam) for their puzzle/platformer Teslagrad (for PC, MAC and Linux).

So we are giving them away to you guys =) And if you want to take part of the Teslagrad giveaway, you only need to comment on this post (don´t forget your email address!). And that´s it! So, good luck folks!

***The contest ends at night today***

About Teslagrad:
"A journey begins... A treacherous tower... Unravel its mysteries! Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle platformer with action elements, where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower.

Gain new abilities to explore a non-linear world with more than 100 beautiful hand-drawn environments, in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe. You play as a young boy who suddenly finds himself embroiled in a long-forgotten conspiracy, involving the despotic king who has ruled the nation with an iron fist for several years. Jump into an outstanding adventure told through voiceless storytelling, writing your own part. Armed with ancient Teslamancer technology and your own ingenuity and creativity, your path lies through the decrepit Tesla Tower and beyond."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Play the latest demo of Dragon Fin Soup at Gamescom!

dragon fin soup
I´m ready, Robin is ready. But are you ready for the Dragon Fin Soup demo at Gamescom?

If you backed up Grimm Bros RPG game Dragon Fin Soup (just like i did) then i got some greats news for your. Well, okay. "If" you plan to visit the Gamescom (Cologne, Germany) event that is. Because there will be a new playable demo of Dragon Fin Soup on site.

And you will find the Grimm Bros team (and the new Dragon Fin Soup demo) at the indie megabooth! You will find all the information you need the press release, (time, date and so on) down below.

Press release:
"Philadelphia, PA - July 31th, 2014 - Five-person indie developer Grimm Bros will be featured at Gamescom as part of the IndieMEGABOOTH from August 13-17th to show off the charming, classic console RPG-style game that blends tactical action and roguelike elements with tales of murder, madness and a splash of dark, humorous libations: Dragon Fin Soup. Since being Greenlit on Steam and funded through Kickstarter last Spring the game has only been shown off once before, at PAX East.

The new Endless Labyrinth Mode!
Now the team has new features, content, and even a new game mode to unveil - Endless Labyrinth mode. Delve into an endless labyrinth of twisted turns and deadly traps guaranteed to devour brave and foolish explorers alike! Share the seed code with friends to compete for highscores and fight monstrous bosses! Glorious death awaits!

Meetings will take place every half hour from 10:00-19:00, August 13-17th in the IndieMEGABOOTH (Hall 10, Booth# 34) at Gamescom, and will include a sneak peek at the new Endless Labyrinth Mode."

About Dragon Fin Soup:
"The world of Dragon Fin Soup begins on the back of Asura, a giant dragon-turtle god who swims the multiverse of space-time. Players can choose to unravel the tale of their character in Story Mode, embark on a journey to discover the wilds of Asura in Survival Mode, or get lost in an endless maze and fight monstrous bosses in Endless Labyrinth mode.

With a variety of compelling locations to explore, including spider forests, ice caves, abandoned mines, scorching deserts, mushroom forests and haunted mansions, Dragon Fin Soup kicks off the action with the tale of Red Robin, whose bloody dark past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance."

About Grimm Bros
Grimm Bros is a new indie RPG game studio, comprised of veteran game developers from around the world. With experienced team members located in Philadelphia, Bangkok, Chicago, San Francisco and London, Grimm Bros works together online making games from its various home offices, pubs and cafes.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Teslagrad are set for a release by the end of the year

Teslagrad are multiformat a puzzle platformer made by the Norwegian indie studio Rain Games.

I just woke up to the news that Teslagrad are heading to pretty much every format there is. In fact, i received the information from Rain Games themselves (the devolopers of Teslagrad). Anyhow, this is the information that i was give.

Teslagrad will be release sometime during Q4 this year (to  PC, MAC, Linux, PS3, PS4, PSV and Wii U). There will also be a retail version of Teslagrad. There´s no price for the retail version yet though. The digital version got a price nailed down though, which would be $9,99 per unit via Steam.

So, are you excited about Teslagrad people?

Press release:
"Bergen, Norway; July 31st 2014 Norwegian game developer Rain Games and Dutch multiplatform publisher SOEDESCO are happy to announce a physical version for Teslagrad, which will be available Q4 2014 for PlayStation 3®, PlayStation 4®, Wii U™, PlayStation Vita™ and PC. After the great success of the IndieBox's limited handcrafted boxed edition, the popular puzzle platformer is about to reach new distribution channels with the assistance of an experienced partner. “We at SOEDESCO are very happy to work with Rain Games. We hope that we can share the magic of Teslagrad with everyone this year when it hits retail” said Hans van Brakel, Product Manager at Soedesco."

About Teslagrad:
Teslagrad is a puzzle platformer with action elements, where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower. Gain new abilities to explore a non-linear world with more than 100 beautiful hand-drawn environments, in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe.

Unravel the story of the young boy who suddenly finds himself embroiled in a long-forgotten conspiracy, involving the despotic king who has ruled the nation with an iron fist for several years. Jump into an outstanding adventure told through voiceless storytelling, writing your own part. Armed with ancient Teslamancer technology and your own ingenuity and creativity, your path lies through the decrepit Tesla Tower and beyond.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Panchito Chepas - The reboot on indiegogo

panchito chepas
My take on the Panchito Chepas demo.

Not so long ago i wrote about Pinodrom Studio´s point and click adventure game "Panchito Chepas" (i also made a playthrough video of the game just recently). Well, today i was contacted by Pinodrom Studio´s.

And i was informed that Panchito Chepas has been rebooted on indiegogo. There´s also a demo for the game now  (which you can download and enjoy). So i really hope that more people will give Panchito Chepas a fair chance now.

Because the game really deserves to reach the 6,000 Euro goal on indiegog. Me, i had a blast with the demo of Panchito Chepas. And speaking of which. You will find my playthrough video of the game down below! (spoiler warning!)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Monster Snack - Avoid the big monster fish from the deep sea

monster snack
There´s always a bigger fish. And if you wanna stay alive in Monster Snack. You better be fast!

The team at Total eclipse games (the makers of "A Clockwork Brain") just informed me that their working on a brand new iOS game called "Monster Snack" (it´s exclusive for the App Store). So what kind of game are Monster Snack then?

Well, it´s a action/"Run away from a very big fish" kind of game (with puzzle elements on top of that). And the Monster Snack trailer sure made me interested in the game. And guess what? Monster Snack are now available on the App Store

Press release:
Thessaloniki, Greece – July 31st, 2014 – Monster Snack is an endless runner and action/colour puzzle hybrid, where the unlikeliest of duos stages a frantic chase. Help our hero, Monsieur LeCroque as he blazes through strange lands at full throttle. Use your wits and reflexes to zap the right fuel to keep his energy-starved rocket going, lest you become a snack for hungry Gaspaude, the “cutest” monster around.

Monster Snack comes packed with cartoony and vibrant graphics, and employs rapid gameplay that aims to thrill action seekers and twitch gameplay aficionados. With your rocket accelerating constantly, and one mistake capable of ending your hectic trek, your every tap counts! Made to reward attention and eye-to-hand coordination, the only potential side-effect from playing Monster Snack is an unusual affection for crocodiles!"

Key Features:
- Puzzle-infused action gameplay
- Challenges attention and precision
- Daunting difficulty
- Collectable power-ups
- Leaderboard with score and distance stats to show off to your friends
- Funny characters full of attitude
- Simple tap & swipe controls
- Auto-sync between all your iOS devices
- Optimized to look amazing on all screen sizes

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Walking Dead giveaway - Allkeyshop.com

the walking dead contest
One lucky winner will get one key for the PC-edition of The Walking Dead. 

AllKeyShop.com the top Price Comparison Store and The Gaming Ground a gamer gang from Sweden that loves to write blogs about video games, anime, technology and movies, brings you a really great giveaway, win The Walking Dead CD key! Get it free!

And all you have to do to join our TWD contest is to vist our Rafflecopter page. Good luck people!


The Gaming Ground teams up with AllKeyShop: 
TheGamingGround.com partners with AllKeyShop.com. Allkeyshop, with its exceptional service, provides the most competitive prices in the market. They have tested, and frequently continue to anonymously check CD key vendors that they present, to offer you a great quality of service and allow you to buy your PC games, Gamecard and Xbox products (Xbox points, Xbox live and Xbox games) with extreme confidence.

What’s CD key?
It's a multi-digit code that the store will send you via e-mail after your purchase. You will then use this code for official download platforms such as (Steam, Origin, Uplay or Battle.net) to activate and download your game for free.

Why buy a CD key?
It's really low-priced, fast and convenient and you can get your games from your home in just a matter of minutes.

Why is it cheap?
The price of purchasing a CD key is low because the stores are online and has less tax to pay. They don’t have stocks to manage and they don’t have a box or package to send you.

Why choose Allkeyshop?
On the CD KEY market there are a lot of online stores today, and to level the competition you must be on top of your game. Most of them claim that they are the best but when it comes to customer support and satisfaction they really don’t live up to the hype. Some never send the CD keys, and doesn’t provide good customer assistance when problem’s and questions occur.

At Allkeyshop we offer you the best CD key and we guarantee you that you are getting one from an original retail box when you purchase it with us. Together with our most trusted Partner Sites we give you the latest, Genuine and 100% working CD keys. So don’t take risks and use Allkeyshop. The best way to buy your pc games that provides best prices and accompanied with the best service, that allows you to buy your games with self confidence.

How to Enter The Walking Dead contest:
- Log in with your Email or Facebook account to participate.
- Follow and make sure to complete the steps on the widget to earn valid entries.
- Use the Daily Giveaways to earn extra entries.
- Read the Terms and Conditions to get the full rules.

A winner will be Chosen on August 08, 2014 We are excited to pick a winner for this great giveaway! Remember, this giveaway will only be available for 7 days. So join now and get all the entries that you can! Good luck!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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Welcome to our The Walking Dead giveaway! We are giving away one serial key for the game! The contest ends on the 8th of August.
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