Adressändring presents "The photo booth"

Be aware of identity theft dear Swedes!

Technology has always been very close to my heart, as I pretty much grew up with computers and video game consoles around me. And as time went by, technology (and the software) just got more and more advanced. That is of course a good thing, as advanced technology has improved our life, society and planet in many different kinds of ways (cancer research, space exploration, solar cells and much more). However, there is a down side to advanced technology as well. For example, just take the fact that in Sweden, over 67,000 Swedes had their identities stolen last year.

This is of course some really unpleasant news, but it could have been prevented. In fact, if the Swedes had signed up for Adressändring´s address watcher service (adressbevakaren). Then their identities would most likely not have been stolen. And Adressändring talked about this in their latest commercial “the photo booth” (Fotobåset in Swedish). So “hopefully” more Swedes will be aware of the risk of identity theft now, because it´s no joking matter to have your identity stolen by someone else. So don´t be naive, get in touch with Adressändring and get their address watcher service as soon as possible!

/Robin E
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Sponsored video - The Sims 4, you create, you control and you decide

You can pretty much create a digital copy of yourself in "The Sims 4".

Jag är troligen inte den enda som tycker att det är overkligt att det nästan är jul nu. Jag menar, det är ju trots allt bara sju dagar kvar tills tomten kommer att ha fullt upp med att dela ut julklappar över hela världen. Och ärligt talat så kan jag redan känna av stressen jag med. Jag har dock redan köpt alla mina julklappar för i år, så den stressen slipper jag iallafall. Påtal om julklappar. Jag tror mig veta minst en julklapp som kan gå hem hos de som gillar tv och dataspel. Eller ja, iallafall om han eller hon gillar simulator spel.

Ja, jag talar givetvis om EA och Maxis "The Sims 4". För sedan EA lanserade spelet i September förra året, så har EA uppdaterat spelet en hel del. För att inte tala om alla DLC´s och expansionspaket som släppts också (du kan dessutom köpa "The Sims 4" via Amazon för runt 40 dollar numera, så spelet är relativt billigt nu för tiden).

Så om du känner någon som gillar att skapa, bygga, utforska och kontrollera digitala liv och världar. Då bör du helt klart överväga att ge bort "The Sims 4" i julklapp till den personen.

I´m probably not the only one who thinks that it´s pretty unreal that it´s almost Christmas now. I mean, it´s just seven days left until Santa is supposed to get really busy with delivering Christmas presents all over the world. To be honest, I can already feel the panic and all the stress knocking on my door as well. I have bought all of my Christmas presents in advance though, and speaking of Christmas presents. I may know of at least one Christmas present that would make a Gamer pretty happy about this year's Christmas for sure (at least if he or she likes life simulator games).

I´m talking about EA and Maxis "The Sims 4", because since the game launched back in September last year. EA has updated the game quite a lot, not to mention all the new expansion packs and DLCs that's been released on top of that (you can also buy "The Sims 4" for about $40 US via Amazon.com, so it´s rather cheap nowadays).

So if you know someone who really likes to create, build, explore and control everything there is in his or her digital avatars life. Then you might consider buying that person "The Sims 4" for Christmas this year.

***Sponsored post***

/Robin E
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Guitar Hero Live let´s you kick out the jams live!

James Franco and Lenny Kravitz literally slaughtered Guitar Hero Live.

Even though it´s been years since I played any Guitar Hero game (mostly due to the fact that other games have stolen my attention), I have to say that I got quite interested in FreeStyleGames and Activision´s”Guitar Hero Live” (for PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One, Wii U and iOS). Mainly because I liked the thought of being able to kick out the jams live (and online), as it´s probably as close as I will ever get to play live in front of an audience (don´t judge me to hard, I´m just trying to keep my rock star dream alive).

And I can´t say that I got less curious about the game when I saw the list over songs and artists in “Guitar Hero Live” either. And I´m talking about everything from The Rolling Stones, Soundgarden Slipknot Rage Against the Machine to Lenny Kravitz, and speaking of Lenny Kravitz. I don´t know about you, but I think that Kravitz and James Franco did a really good job in the TV-commercial for “Guitar Hero Live” (at least I found it to be funny and entertaining).

So, is “Guitar Hero Live” any good then? Well, let´s take a look at the games grades shall we?

PS4 79/100,
Xbox One 82/100

Xbox One 81,57%
PS4 80.82%
Wii U 80%

That´s some pretty good grades I have to say, so what about awesome features then? Well, personally I really like the fact that you can interact with your band and the crowd (they will either hate you or love you, depending on if you suck or rock). Other than that, you will also find features such as this in the game:

– Play what you want
– Rock with friends. While one person plays, everyone else enjoys the videos
– Level up and earn rewards
– Enjoy premium shows, like live concerts
– Rock real crowds with real reactions
– Take the stage in a variety of epic venues
– Bring down the house with real, reactive bandmates

And if you like the sound of that, then I´m glad to inform you that “Guitar Hero Live” is out now to PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One, Wii U and iOS! (and soon AppleTV as well). So, ffor those about to rock, we salute you! \m/

/Robin E
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Tre brings free music to the elderly in Sweden

Tre brings free music to the elderly in Sweden. Joy O plenty!

Music is a huge part of our lives, and music is even more important for the elderly. As music brings back memories and the lust for life. That´s great of course, sadly enough though. Many retirement homes are all quite in Sweden. However, that might change now that Tre has decided to offer their services to the elderly in Sweden. As Tre plans to send out 100 packages to retirement homes all over Sweden (each package contains everything needed to start streaming music for free straight out of the box.

For example, Lenovo A10Harman Kardon Onyxand the music service Deezer). So if you´re a director or manager for a retirement home, then you should most defiantly check out what Tre has to offer for you and your inhabitants. Personally, I think the elderly deserves to have music in their lives (most of them have worked all their lives, so cut them some slack). As it brings them so much joy and happiness. Not only that, it´s really healthy for them as well (mental as physically).

So let´s bring the music back to the old folks =)

/Robin E
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Surf Safe wih F-Secure - Protect your life on the internet

F-Secure´s Safe software helps you to stay safe while you´re browsing the web. 

Since the launch of the ARPANET (1969, an early version of the Internet that we know of today) the Internet has change "quite" a lot. The big change would come in the early 90s. However, as the public started to get access to the Internet. Me, I still remember the first time that I played Doom over the Internet back in 1994 (on a really slow dial-up modem. It was a "top of the line" kind of modem at that time though) it felt somewhat unreal to be able to play against other real players from different parts of the world.

However, not before 1996 did I get my own modem (a 33.6K modem), and at that time Internet was really small (only Yahoo and Altavista existed as search engines as well). Not only that, there was very few "good" webpages that you could visit (as Internet was still very young and in a development stage). Even so, there´s still some good aspects which I can mention about the mid 90s version of the Internet.

1. Much less spyware, adware, viruses and trojans
2. Most webpages were rather harmless (less porn, hate, scam sites and so on)

None of that can be said about today's version of the Internet. As it´s recommended that you use a hardware (and software) firewall, a maleware and anti-virus program in-order to stay somewhat safe on the web. However, there is actually another solution to get a really safe PC, and that is to use a "all-in-one" security software solution.

If you´re not 100% sure if F-Secure´s Safe is the solution for you. Then you could always download and try the free 30-day trial first.

Like F-Secure´s "Safe" software, for example. Which protects your computer from harm at all times (for PC, MAC, tablets and smart phones). So if you like the sound of that, then you should download and try the 30-day free trial of F-Secure Safe asap! Oh, another thing. I have one more fun story about the old-school version of the web. Back in 1997 I tried to download the demo for Running with Scissors action/slaughter simulator "Postal" on a 56K modem.

It took me almost a whole day to download that demo, and I ended up with a rather expensive Internet bill as well (I'm  sure glad that I/we won´t have to deal with stuff like that anymore), but you know what? It was so worth it ;)

Try the world's best protection for all your devices for free for 30 days. Submit the form to download the  full version of F-Secure SAFE. Multi-device Internet security for your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet. Protect your devices with one simple solution. The personal information you submit will be processed in accordance to F-Secure's Privacy Policy. Any emails that you receive from our system will contain unsubscribe information, and you may opt out of future emails at any time.

/Robin E
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Batman: Arkham Knight - The return of the dark knight

Are you ready to take on the dangers and criminals of Arkham city?

Even though it´s the final day of E3 2015 today, we will still think and talk about E3 2015 for weeks and months to come. Just take Rocksteady Studios upcoming action/adventure game Batman: Arkham Knight (the game is set for a release on the 23rd of June for Windows, MAC, Linux PS4 and Xbox One) for example. Arkham Knight was already a much wanted game by the Batman fans, but once the E3 gameplay demo started to roll. People just lost it, since the game is everything, we hoped for (and more).

Just take the fact that Arkham Knight looks better than any previous Batman game in the Arkham series (it´s thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 3, which gives Arkham Knight ); you may also explore the world of Arkham as you please, a world that's full of super villains, thugs and criminals for you to take care of.

Personally, i was most impressed by the fighting aspects of Arkham Knight. As it made me think about a Batman version of Streets of Rage (but with a whole set of awesome Batman gadgets at your disposal).

Harley Quinn is just as sexy as she´s deadly.

I also have to admit that I shed a manly tear when I saw some in-game Batmobile action (yes, it´s now a driveable vehicle in Arkham Knight) in the E3 gameplay demo. Let´s just say that I can´t wait to drive like a crazy bastard through the streets of Arkham with the Batmobile (when Batman goes Carmageddon?). So are you guys just as excited for Batman: Arkham Knight as I am? And did you enjoy the E3 presentation for the game?

/Robin E
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Live interview with John Karlsson - The Swedish army

John Karlsson Is ready to rock like a boss.

The Swedish armed forces aren't exactly like any other job on the market, and the same thing can be said for It´s job interviews as well. To be honest, I haven´t seen (or experienced) a job interview quite like the ones that the Swedish army has started to live record just recently.

In fact, I think I´m far from alone to share these thoughts. As we actually get the chance to
 ask real Swedish soldiers (from different fields within the Swedish army) questions live via cam and microphone.

Like In the case with John Karlsson, for example (my guess Is that his a special OPS soldier?), we get to follow John through his everyday training program while his answering questions by civilians who're curious about joining the army. Something which of course caused a lot of amusement and commitment, since the whole thing was aired live.

Only the best of the best gets to become soldiers in the Swedish army. 

You literally got the chance to hear, see and experience what It´s like to be a soldier through the eyes of John Karlsson. Let´s just say that I´m very impressed, and so far I have to admit that the Swedish army has done really well with their job interview series. The videos actually make me proud to be Swedish, and proud of our army.

Ett jobb inom Försvarsmakten är inte som vilket annat jobb som helst. Inte våra jobbintervjuer heller. Nu har du möjlighet att ställa dina frågor direkt till våra medarbetare - i deras rätta arbetsmiljö.Om du missade den första intervjun med John Karlsson från Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team i onsdags finns delar av den att se här.

/Robin E
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Sponsored video: Bojan and Sladjans Sweden: Göteborg

Bojan Djordjic och Sladjan Osmanagic verkligen ÄLSKAR fotboll.

Även om man inte är ett fan utav IFK Göteborg (eller något utav Göteborgs övriga Fotbollsklubbar för den delen), så kan man inte förneka det faktumet att Göteborg är en riktigt stor fotbollsstad. Vilket bland annat beror på att Göteborg har en lång historia inom fotbollen (redan 1892 så spelades den första matchen med moderna regler i Göteborg), samt så har ju även staden tre stycken huvudklubbar (GAIS, Örgryte IS och IFK Göteborg).

För att inte nämna att det även finns väldigt många fotbolls intresserade människor i Göteborg också (därav att det finns många ungdomsklubbar, föreningar och fotbollsplaner i Göteborg). Så jag vart inte direkt förvånad när jag hörde att avsnitt 2 utav “Bojan & Sladjans Sverige” skulle spelas in i just Göteborg.

Denna gången så besöker Bojan och Sladjan Göteborg.

Det finns ju som sagt var gott om fotbollshistoria, legender (Glenn Hysen, Thomas Ravelli, Bengt "Fölet" Berndtsson mfl) , klubb kulturer och föreningar att ta del utav där. Så gillar ni fotboll (och Göteborg givetvis!) missa då inte Bojan Djordjic och Sladjan Osmanagic 15 minuter långa avsnitt om Göteborg!

Even if you´re not a fan of the Swedish football club IFK Göteborg (or any of the other football clubs in Gothenburg for that matter), you still can´t deny the fact that Gothenburg is a really big football city. This is partly due to the fact that Gothenburg has a long history when it comes to football. For example, the very first football game (with official rules) took place back in 1892 in Gothenburg.

Not to mention that there is also a lot of football interested people in Gothenburg (hence that there are many youth clubs, associations and football fields in Gothenburg). So i was'exactly surprised when I found out that episode 2 of "Bojan & Sladjans Sverige” would be recorded in Gothenburg.

As there´s a lot of football history, legends (Glenn Hysen, Thomas Ravelli, Bengt "Fölet" Berndtsson with many more), club cultures and societies to be found in the city of Gothenburg. So if you like football (and Gothenburg of course!) then don´t miss out on Bojan Djordjic and Sladjan Osmanagic´s 15 minute long episode about Gothenburg!

/Robin E
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