The Women Of #GamerGate - The female side of the story

not your shield
The female Gamers (and devs) is fed up with being shields for other peoples agendas and personal gains.

There´s now a open war against #GamerGate. And in case you have missed out on all the action that´s been going down lately. Both Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian has declaired war on #GamerGate (Wu wants #GamerGate to get shut down. And Sarkeesian aims to "fix" the industry. Zoe Quinn on the other hand, is way to busy earing indiegogo bucks together with Polygon).

And then we got all the lies that´s been told on TV (MsnBC, Matt Binder). The list goes on and on. But here´s the interesting thing. While media and the Anti #GamerGate movement talks about misogyny, sexism and death threats of female devs.

Very few (to none) has taken the time to actually ask (interview) the female Gamers and devs directly. To let them give their side of the story about #GamerGate and #NotYourShield. But thankfully enough, there´s a handful of friendly minded individuals that has taken matters into their own hands (so to speak).

So i toke the liberty to add some really good videos and articles (imo) that covers the female side of #GamerGate and #NotYourShield. So i hope that you guys will enjoy them =)

The Women Of #GamerGate No. 2:

The Emperor Has No Clothes #GamerGate #NotYourShield:

Developers On 'Gamergate:' Misogyny Isn't A Gaming Problem, It's An Internet Problem:

/Robin E
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Outland 17: Void of Liberty - A really uniq sci-fi tactical RPG

outland 17
Outland 17 might just become the next "big" thing when it comes to tactical games.

It seems like Grenade Tree Games are working on something rather interesting and uniq. I´m of course talking about their upcoming sci-fi/tactical RPG game "Outland 17". Which imo looks like a mix of X-COM, sci-fi and the American civial war.

And Outland 17 looks pretty darn good as well. I also love the fact that you can customize weapons, your gear, perks, and your squad members as you please. And that really gives you the ability to create uniq battle units. So i can´t wait to see more videos from Outland 17.

Or more so, to play it myself ;)

About Outland 17:
Outland 17 is a turn-based tactical RPG that takes inspiration from other genres such as tactics games and shooters. Each battle is a different experience because of the character load outs, environment, and tactics used.

Every squad member can be customized with unique weapons, armor, attachments, perks, and skill sets to support an assortment of playstyles. With classes ranging from deadly snipers to resilient melee warriors, you choose the composition of your squad to best handle whatever challenges Outland 17 throws at you.

Be prepared to fight on any battleground such as wide open fields, confined hallways, chaotic warzones, and more. Take cover, shoot explosive barrels, fire turrets, and do whatever it takes to gain a tactical advantage.

/Robin E
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Snot: The game - A really charmy 2d metroidvania

snot the game
The graphics are really awesome in Snot.

Some of you might not be familour with old school platform titles such as "James Pond", "Commander Keen", "Bubba n stix", "Oscar" or "Zool" (Google it!). But for those of you who are. That´s the vibes that i´ve got from Sunex games 2d metroidvania game "Snot" (for PC, MAC, Linux and Wii U).
So i really hope that i will get the chance to play Snot asap! Because not only does the singleplayer game look epic as hell. But the multiplayer part seems to be pretty awesome as well (co-op, deathmatch and much more!).
About Snot: The game:
Snot is a funny 2d metroidvania game. Discover 8 well-designed worlds, meeting bizarre characters and battling manic bosses, while collecting countless shells. Unleash the power of 8 different elements to make yourself stronger and find secrets in already explored areas.

- STORY And PLATFORMER - Action + Adventure + Story: The ultimate metroidvania-style game!
- INNOVATIVE WORLDS - 8 huge worlds in different well designed themes!
- MANIFOLD ENEMIES - Over 100 different enemies and up to 30 different bosses!
- GREAT SECRETS - Over 100 secrets! Every secret has its own kind of puzzle!
- HELPFUL ELEMENTS - Learn up to 8 different elements. Each element will bring you three different abilites!

/Robin E
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Mike Tyson Mysteries - The adult version of Scooby Doo

mike tyson mysteries
When Iron Mike goes Scooby Doo. Then you know that it is dead serious!

It´s been a while since i heard (or saw) anything about Mike Tyson. In fact, the last time i even saw him on TV was when i watched "The Hangover Part II" (Mike made my ears bleed at the end of that movie). But then i found out about the upcoming adult cartoon-show "Mike Tyson Mysteries".

And that´s some crazy shit right there. It´s like a mix of Scooby Doo, Mike Tysons crazy life and the bizarre humor from "Drawn Together". So who's the masterminds behind Mike Tyson Mysteries series then? Well, besides Mike Tyson, we got the writer Hugh Davidson (Robot Chicken), and Ethan Spaulding (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox).

That's impressive lineup indeed. But will it be enough to impress the critics and a wide audience? That remains to be seen.

/Robin E
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Playing Tekken with our feet challenge - Dan and Phil Games

Tekken 2 was (are) sooo much better than the original game.

Way back in 1996 Namco released THE ultimate Tekken experience for home consoles. In this case, Tekken 2 for Playstation 1. I still remember when i played Tekken 2 for the very first time at my uncles place. That game pawned every fighting game on the market at that time.

And it made Tekken 1 look like crap (pretty much). The controls, graphics, sound, music, yes, EVERYTHING was superior in Tekken 2. So i had something of a nostalgia flashback when i watched Dan and Phil Games Tekken 2 video this morning.

I was quite surprised to see them try to play Tekken 2 with their feet though xD Because that´s something which i have never (ever) seen before.


/Robin E
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Ascent has now reached 60 percent in funding on Kickstarter!

ascent the space game
Believe it or not. But Ascent has over 270 billion star systems to explore.

The time is starting to run out for Fluffy Kitten Studios and their Space Mmo game "Ascent: The Space Game" on Kickstarter. There´s some good news however, and that would be the fact that Ascent has reached over 60% in funding so far.

So there´s about  $13,000 missing at the moment. So the question would be if Ascent (and Fluffy Kitten Studios) will be able to collect all that money within 9 days from now? I sure hope so! Because imo, i think Ascent: The Space Game deserves to happen.

Press release:
With 11 days to go, the space MMO *Ascent: The Space Game* has now reached 60 percent in funding -- $21,291 out of $35,000 (Australian dollars).

Developed by James Hicks and Chris Mitchell of Fluffy Kitten Studios, Ascent offers unprecedented depth and scale for an independent game—with 270 billion star systems, ship customization, colonies, asteroid mining, player-driven voting system, trade, and much more. To date, the developers have spent more than $70,000 out of pocket to fund the project.

(Yes, this is a space MMO developed by 2 guys [only 1 programmer] for well under $100,000!).

/Robin E
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The creator of Paranautical Activity threaten to kill Gabe Newell

gabe newell minigun
Gabe Newell and his minigun.

This world just keeps on getting more and more crazy (just take the recent terror acts in Canada for ex). And i´m not even talking about #GamerGate now, or the death treats against a handful of female indie devs and Youtube personalities.

No, i´m talking about that one indie dev (one of the creators behind the indie game "Paranautical Activity", Mike Maulbeck) that literally said that he would kill Valve´s boss Gabe Newell. I can't justify that act of course (because it´s wrong on so many levels). However, there´s a even more interesting story behind WHY the Paranautical Activity indie dev decided to threaten to kill Gabe Newell.

And this is the reason why. Apparently Code Avarice (the studio behind Paranautical Activity) had a really hard time on Steam. To be exact, they struggled with the platform (as we all know as "Steam"). Because when Code Avarice announced that Paranautical Activity was ready for launch.

paranautical activity
Paranautical Activity was up and running on Steam earlier today. Now the store page is nowhere to be found.

Steam still listed the game as a Early Access game. And that was the last drop for Mike Maulbeck. He just lost it, and toke out his fustration and anger on Gabe Newell. 

And this is what Maulbeck told Eurogamer via e-mail:

“Valve marked our game as ‘now on Early Access’ as we released the final version (no longer in Early Access),” “I knew this would greatly cripple sales and confuse customers.” Maulbeck told Eurogamer via e-mail 

That was not the end of Mike´s rant over internet though. He also spitted out tweets calling Valve “incompetent pieces of sh-t” and describing Valve as a  "f-cking monopoly". But it was this one tweet that got Mike Maulbeck in deep trouble:

“I’m going to kill Gabe Newell,”
“He is going to die.”

And Valve wasn´t late to react on that kind of respons. So they pulled the plug on Paranautical Activity on Steam, and removed Maulbeck’s private account as well. A action which Doug Lombardi later commented on via Polygon:

“Yes, we have removed the game’s sales page and ceased relations with the developer after he threatened to kill one of our employees,” Doug Lombardi, Valve

And as one might imagine. This could just end badly for Mike Maulbeck. Which it also did. In fact, Mike chose to resign from Code Avarice. And left all the rights for Paranautical Activity and half of the company (Code Avarice) to Travis (the second co-owner of Code Avarice).

Mike then wrote a blog post about his choice of leaving Code Avarice. Here´s a short draft of that post:

"I’ve sold my half of Code Avarice to Travis. Given up all my rights to CA as a company, and all it’s intellectual properties. I won’t receive any money from the sale of Paranautical Activity or any future games CA develops, I won’t be consulted on business decisions, and I won’t have any hand in development. I’m out."Mike Maulbeck, ex Code Avarice dev and co-owner

Well, what can i say. Things really change fast  in the video game industry. First you´re a part of a really successful indie dev crew (that had a successful Kickstarter campaign). Then you´re threatning Gabe Newell, which then leaves you jobless.

All those events occurred in a little more than one year. So Mike really went from everything, to nothing. In the blink of an eye...So is there any lessons to be learned from this? Well, besides the obvious one i mean. Because It´s not the best of ideas to "litterly" threaten to kill Gabe Newell (that just happens to own Valve, and thus Steam. Where Mike´s game just happen to be at).

I would say that it would be a really, really good idea for indie devs to learn how to keep their cool (no matter what). Or else this nightmare story might just be the outcome...

At the same time however. Valve could have handled the Steam issues with Paranautical Activity way better than what they actually did.Because then i nothing of this would have happened for sure.


/Robin E
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Wizards of the coast interview - The future of the Magic series

magic the gathering 2015
What´s next for Magic the Gathering? 

TGG Chen - Since Theros you've been launching lore-themed events on games day. Are you looking to integrate lore into the new player experience?

Wizards of the coast - We’re always looking for ways to intertwine Magic’s rich storyline with gameplay, so you can certainly expect to see more branded play events that reflect this in future. For example, right now we’re inviting players to battle for their chosen Khans of Tarkir clan at Friday Night Magic each week, to raise their clan’s banner!

TGG Chen - Will there be lore-focused cards? Tormenting Voice is one such example of this tendency towards integration. Deicide is another poignant example.

Wizards of the coast - Absolutely. Right now we’re implementing some changes to make Magic’s storyline more accessible than ever before, showcasing it through cards, artwork, branded play experiences, videos, and a dedicated weekly column on our website called Uncharted Realms.

This will be a fantastic resource for players who want to further explore the story behind the cards, especially when we move to our new model of two blocks of two sets each year. You can read more about these improvements here: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/ebooks-and- accessibility-magics-story

TGG Chen - In M15 you introduced "Designed by the Magic Community" Will there be more such events centered around social media? (Twitter, facebook) The earliest I remember is Forgotten Ancient in Inquest, but it had only interest- group participation.

Wizards of the coast - M15 featured 15 cards envisioned by notable outside designers, including “Waste Not” from the Magic community, the result of our 4th “You Make The Card” process. We try to introduce new and fresh things with each new block and set, so don’t expect to see such credits on cards in all future sets. However, we may invite the Magic community to get involved with similar events in the future.

TGG Chen - With regards to alternate art, do you intend on releasing a "collector's edition" for all alternate art pieces per expansion? It seems that wizards is really pressing the alt-art route with even intro packs having
alt-art cards.

Wizards of the coast - We do not have plans for such a product at this time. As of Khans of Tarkir, we have given the Intro Packs an alternate art rare face card, as we wanted to make these even more special and exciting.

TGG Chen - Will there be any Future Sight-block-esque treatment towards Fate Reforged?

Wizards of the coast - It’s too early to give away any details relating to Fate Reforged, and players should not expect Khans of Tarkir block to mirror any previous block, it has its own unique storyline, structure, mechanics and cards. We are certainly excited to tell more of this plane’s storyline when the set is released January 23rd next year, though.

TGG Chen - How is the holographic card protection system doing? Does it complicate future card types?

Wizards of the coast - We’re very happy with the holofoil stamp on rares and mythic rares we introduced as of Magic 2015, and players have warmly welcomed this addition. It both guarantees authenticity, and makes these cards feel a little more special. The holofoil stamp, as with other elements of the updated card frame, has been designed to be fully compatible with all our future plans.

TGG Chen - Will there be anything to spice up the dynamic of event decks? Perhaps a new kind of tournament pack? (From up till Mirrodin?)

Wizards of the coast - Event Decks are a great way for players to start playing the Standard or Modern format (perhaps at their local store’s Friday Night Magic events), and we’re very pleased to offer this easy way to get started in constructed. Of course, we are always looking for ways to improve existing products, and to introduce new ones that meet the needs of our playerbase – an example of this are the new Clash Packs, which we introduced with Magic 2015. We do not have any plans to bring back Tournament Packs at this time.

tgg author avatar Chen FreakofNatur Yiji
/Chen Yiji
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