Paper Monsters Recut coming to Steam this thursday!

paper monsters recut
Paper Monsters Recut out now for Wii U! And so on PC (via Steam) as well.

Back in 2012 Mobot Studios (and Crescent Moon Games) released their platform game "Paper Monsters" for iOS and Android. And to this day, the game has been downloaded over 2.5 million times. That's A really impressive achievement indeed. But now it´s finally time for Paper Monsters Recut to make it´s debute on Steam.

Well, okay. To be exact, Paper Monsters Recut will be released on Steam this Thursday (October 23rd). The Wii U version however, has been out for quite sometime now (you can buy it on the Nintendo eShop for $8). So if you´re up for a really colorful and beautiful platform game.

Then you might wanna give Paper Monsters Recut a go!

What's new in Recut?
- Rebuilt from the ground up with way better graphics (depth of field, new texturing, and amazing dynamic lighting)
- Dynamic playable overworld full of secrets that unlocks levels as you play.
- New levels. Entire new space zone, boss, and lots of new levels in the original worlds too.
- New power ups, including lasers jet packs and more.

About Paper Monsters Recut:
Dive into the world of Paper Monsters Recut and watch a living world made out of paper, cardboard, and even a few cotton balls unfold right before your eyes. Paper Monsters Recut mixes classic 2D platformer gameplay with gorgeous 3D graphics and brings it to life in a brand new title for PC.

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Final Fantasy XIV - The Heavensward expansion

final fantasy xiv heavensward
It seems like we can expect even more ice and snow in Heavensward. 

Even though it´s not that long ago since Square Enix released the 2.4 patch for Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix just announced their brand new expansion "Heavensward" (don´t forget to checkout the awesome trailer for it!). Heavensward are said to bring new areas (Northern city of Ishgard for ex), jobs, raids and dungeons.

The plot is somewhat unknown at this time though. There´s just speculations about that Heavensward will have something to do with the "Wyrmking" (which probably would be a rather unpleasent fellow) and the "Dragonsong War".

Sounds pretty interesting huh?. So, are you excited for the FF XIV "Heavensward" expansion people? Well, you better be. Because Heavensward will be released next Spring! (2015).

/Robin E
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Nubarron - The adventure of an unlucky gnome

A very big and angry rabbit.

It seems like the folks at Nastycloud got something really "special" in the making with their upcoming platformer "Nubarron". Because you play as a very unlucky gnome that´s stalked by a lightning cloud, which just happens take care of all the enimes for you (watch the video for some gameplay examples of that).

And one can not deny the fact that Nubarron looks bloody great as well. So if you belive in Nubarron (and the Nastycloud team), then keep an eye open for their Kickstarter campaign! (which will start on the 22th of October).

/Robin E
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There's coming a whole bunch of new PS4 games tomorrow

ps4 shadow warrior us
Shadow Warrior or just one out of many games that will be released to the PS4 tomorrow.

I know that there has been quite a few rants about the lack of PS4 games (that´s available at the market right now). Well, here´s some good news for you all. That will change by tomorrow. Because over 10 new PS4 titles will hit the market tomorrow.

Games such as Shadow Warrior, Escape Goat 2 and Race the Sun for example. It may not be all those big PS4 titles that you (We) been waiting for. But at least it´s a good start (warm up?). So, game on people!

PS4 games that´s set for a release tomorrow (21th of October):
Escape Goat 2
F1 2014
Fluster Cluck
Just Dance 2015
The Legend of Korra
Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition
Race the Sun
Samurai Warriors 4
Shadow Warrior
The Voice
The Walking Dead: Season 2

The Playstation blog

/Robin E
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5% - A gyroscope horror FPS game for iOS

ios horror game
If you got a phobia for gyroscope´s. Then you better avoid 5%.

Funny enough, quite a few of our fans have asked us to record more horror gameplay videos just recently. Well, guess what? Just the other day we were contacted by One Aperture (the makers of  "Motte Island" and "5%").

And they just happen to be the creators of the iOS horror game "5%" (which you can buy via the App store for $1). So i´m going to give 5% a try on my iPad asap! Because i can´t say that i´ve seen (or played) that many mobile horror games of this kind before.

About 5%:
From the publisher of successful desktop game Motte Island, One Aperture presents 5%. It is a first-person gyroscopic game for IOS devices. You are equipped only with your phone. No zombie slaying and no shooting. You only need to get out on time with the remaining battery you have. Play with the volume up and be ready to run for safety! Due to heavy graphic rendering, 5% only supports iPhone 4 model and up.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Teslagrad - Part 2 - Shadow creatures

teslagrad part 2
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark!

Way back in August i uploaded part one for Teslagrad. And, well, that´s quite a long time ago. So i decided to record part II last night. 
The video recording went great, but my commentary got corrupt (sorry, my bad).

So this video will be voiceless (i hope that´s okay for this time). 
Besides that, i had to edit the video pretty hard. Because some parts of the game are so fu**ing hard, so i died quite a lot.

Anyhow, i hope that you will enjoy the video anyhow =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Commodore Amiga - A visual commpendium

commodore amiga a visual commpendium
Yet another great book by Bitmap Books.
The awesome folks at Bitmap Books have started a new Kickstarter campaign for yet another great video game book. This time it´s a Commodore Amiga book. And i can tell you this much. lt´s not your "average" kind of Amiga book.

It´s THE Amiga book of Amiga books. A real beast, so to speak. So i was not surprised to hear that the book has already reached it´s Kickstarter goal of £25,000. In fact, so far the Commodore Amiga book has collected over £57,000!

And there´s still 23 days left on the campaign. So i think it´s safe to say that people still love and care about the Amiga. And who knows how much more cool stuff the Bitmap Books team will add to their Amiga book campaign?

About Commodore Amiga - A visual Commpendium:
Welcome to my Kickstarter campaign to design and produce a book all about the Commodore Amiga. Unlike other books, Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium will focus on the visual side of the computer; from in-game pixel art to game maps to box artwork, the book will be crammed full of beautiful high-resolution, full-colour imagery.

My years of owning an Amiga were some of the fondest gaming memories I have: from the endless hours sunk into Monkey Island and Premier Manager to running home at school lunchtime to boot up X-Copy, the Commodore Amiga played a huge part in my life, and still does to this day. The chance to design this book is hugely exciting for me.
This will be the second book from publisher Bitmap Books which specialises in high-end computer game publications. Our first book, Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium was released earlier this year to huge critical acclaim. This is very much a follow up the C64 book in the Commpendium series of books.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Kickstarter allows you to foot the bill for game developers

kickstarter logo
Kickstarter simply ain´t for "everyone".

Kickstarter is quickly becoming the new outlet for game developers to secure funding for their projects, and we’re footing the bill. The Half Life 3 campaign, started by two fans of the popular title, has sparked the interest of the gaming world and makes us realize that we can manipulate the hand of the game developers if we secure their funding in advance.

However, the problem that exists with this knowledge is a double edged sword. If we give them the funding, we’re left with no control over how the product is managed, produced, or ultimately marketed or distributed to the masses. This ultimately gives full control back to the game developer and their studio to do as they please with the funds rose.

In the sad case of Mighty no. 9 we saw that once they reached their funding goal, it became their money plain and simple. Fans became upset with their community manager Dina Karam for her connections to the feminist movement, and her own biased towards the title’s absence of women being present. They promptly asked for refunds from Comcept Games, and were denied.

They were informed that their “donations,” were going toward the release of an upcoming product, and that the studio would fulfill their obligation under Kickstarter’s strict policy, by giving them their “gifts.” Recently it was revealed that Mighty no. 9 wouldn’t feature an English voice track—apparently due to not enough funding being secured.

But wait a minute, isn’t that what your producers, and studio is for anyway? Remember when game studios used to find a way to get private donations, and even pony up the dough themselves for games? Well thanks to Kickstarter we pay the bill, just to receive the most exclusive of releases, and have our names cemented in gaming history. It doesn’t end there though we’ve seen Kickstarter get funding approved for some of the most ridiculous things in the world—including potato salad which raised over $44,000.

I recently began a Kickstarter campaign just to see the process it goes through to see what securing funding would be like and here’s what I found out:

If you don’t have a name, no one will know who you are or care

When I say this, I mean studios have their own marketing outlets, but if you’re a independent person just starting out all you have is social media, unless you plaster posters all over town. Kickstarter doesn’t offer exposure beyond your page, and social media links.

Crowdfunding sharks harass you constantly

There are people on Kickstarter who email you relentlessly claiming that they can get you backers if you pay them! Apparently for as little as $5.00-100.00 they seek backers in your niche, and they get you the funding in your time slot. I can’t say this is true, because when I launched my campaign, I got two backers totaling $10.00. Before it closed out on itself, and I received nothing.

Yes you read that right, if you missed your funding goal, even by a mere penny you can’t cash out. Kickstarter is an all or nothing deal, it allows you to ascend your goal, but not fall short.

Kickstarter doesn’t allow charities, but it will allow social parties to crowdfund.

I had a friend who tried to raise money for ALS on Kickstarter and she was in formed via email by the community manager that if she didn’t “edit,” her pitch with the charity they’d reject it. She ended up just deleting the entire campaign, and started a Paetreon account for the funding. And then we saw Anita Sarkeesian open a documentary about Tropes vs. Women which gathered over $160,000. The sheer difference in necessity is amazing.

But getting back to my original point game developers are looking at us as donators, and no longer fans. This gives us a huge opportunity to change games the way we’d love to see them with future titles such as Elder Scrolls VI or even Fallout IV. The other side is we’ll have to deal with their changes as they move hand to hand upon them, since we’re not in a contractual obligation with them beyond our gifts.

Crowdfunding has a long way to go before it can be a trustworthy source to pool money for games. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t become the new normal, and force us to pay for things twice: Kickstarter, and retail just to get a different collector’s edition.

What do you think of Kickstarter and the gaming industry? Let us know in the comments!

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