China Vs Nextgen games

china next gen
China ain´t a Gaming/Gamer friendly country. At least not for now.

Since China temporarily lifted its ban on foreign video game consoles in January, it was only a matter of time before the government offered new rules to regulate console, and game distribution. According to a Shanghai government release translated by Games in Asia, those rules will dictate the kind of content that won't be allowed to be sold in the country.

Such gambiling-related game features. This isn’t a surprise coming from the Chinese Government,  as they pass legislation upon things we think are foolish all the time, such as music, adult video’s, and news related media.


Additionally, anything deemed threatening to "China's national unity, sovereignty, or territorial integrity" and content that "instigates racial/ethnic hatred" won't be allowed in the country. Games also can not promote "obscenity, drug use, violence or gambling," as well as cults and superstitions.

Approved games cannot violate China's constitution, nor can they harm its culture, traditions and public ethics. So I guess Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, and Skylander’s are out of the question?

The policies state that foreign companies, are to work with a local company to produce consoles within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, such as Sony's PlayStation 4, or Microsoft's Xbox One, the latter of which arrived in 26 more regions just last month. This means that they are trying to establish in house consoles, that will most likely be locked down hardcore to prevent importing, and piracy.

Plus, games in China must go through an approval process with Shanghai's culture department, which will take "no longer than 20 days." This applies to game updates, with new content, such as DLC, even if the game itself was already approved. This could cause, a lot of people to still attempt to import games, and systems, unless the mail is checked very heavily in China, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Lastly, all console games will be required to have a simplified Chinese version, so publishers won't be able to simply re-sell Hong Kong and Taiwan versions of their games. So According to this article, China is trying to spear-head the gaming market by demanding exclusivity, and original content, period.

I find it funny, because when you read all of this, you want to ask why allow gaming to begin with at all?


/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground

Ace Attorney update - The very first trailer

phoenix wright
Ace Attorney Grand Turnabout Trial: The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke. Takes place in the Meiji era.

So the first trailer for the new Meiji era Ace Attorney shows us the stars of the 3DS game, and their more classic courtroom backdrop. There's no gameplay featured, but we do get a very good look at Ryuichi Naruhodo, ancestor of one Phoenix Wright, and the lady who's likely his assistant in floral dress, Mikatoba Susato.

I still hope one of the Fey family members show up, and get accused of murder again, that would be epic to see, or have them threaten his ancestor, Ryuichi.

According to the Ace Attorney site Court-Records.net, Susato is an "ideal Japanese woman" who is a lover of foreign detectives, and a progressive dreamer. Knowing the Ace Attorney series, there's probably a bit more to her than that, hopefully something suspicious, to the point of death.

Capcom only just announced the game for Japan, so no surprise that there's no word on the turn-of-the-20th-century adventure turning out for the West. 

It does seem a little frustrating that Japan would make an exsclusive title for themselves, and not share it with the rest of the world. We did see this in a fashion with Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, as it was only released in North America on the Nintendo E-shop. 

Watch the trailer and comment below tell us what you think!!!

/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground

Habitat - A Thousand Generations in Orbit

Habitat will be released for PC, MAC, Linux and Xbox One.

The people at 4gency studios got all the reasons to celebrate today. Why? Because their orbital strategy game "Habitat" has successfully reached its first funding goal via Kickstarter ($50,000!). And there´s still 7 days left on the Kickstarter watch.

So "hopefully", Habitat will reach some more Kickstarter goals before the time runs out.

Press release:
Seattle, WA - April 24th, 2014 -- Indie developer 4gency announced today that the upcoming orbital strategy game for Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux, Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, has successfully reached its first funding goal through Kickstarter. With the initial $50,000 achieved, stretch goals have now been unlocked to secure integration of new features, including new gameplay modes and multiplayer battles. For more information about Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit and to back this project, please visit:


“We are thrilled to have reached our initial funding goal and to now unveil the stretch goals for  Habitat”, said Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency. “The stretch goals are features that we’ve put a great deal of consideration into, as we want to make the best game possible and give the community an experience they’ll love. We are very excited about the future of Habitat and can’t wait to take this game to the next level”.

Kickstarter Stretch Goals:

$70K: Individual Tech Trees for Citizens and Engineers - Upgrade the world of Habitat even
more with genetic and technology upgrades for your denizens

$85K: Programmable AI Habitats - Automate habitats using a powerful and easy to use visual
editor to make habitats scout and explore, track threats, auto-build and fight enemies

$100K: Rocket Arena - Battle against 3 other friends on the same machine in a timed race to
construct and destroy using a shared field of debris

$115K: Mod Support - Script, skin, and share your own creations

$125K: Tower Defense Mode - Send and control waves of Habitats to try and take out an enemy

$150K: Dungeon Master Multiplayer - One player becomes the almighty dungeon master with
control over events and anomalies on the map while another player tries to finish their objective

About Habitat:
Set in the far future, Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit is a space fan’s playground. Players must lead a team of engineers to gather debris floating in the vast wasteland of human and alien junk orbiting Earth to build and manage their own space stations, including the human residents residing within. 

But managing resources to maintain a healthy and happy extra-Earthly economy is only a part of Habitat, as players must also find ways to fend off enemies. To aid in this, Habitat introduces a new kind of combat using space debris as kinetic weaponry, which takes advantage of zero-gravity space conditions to defend habitats against enemies. Habitats can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, triggering massive chain reactions, so players must make some tough decisions to survive.

About 4gency:
4gency is an indie game studio based in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Charles Cox, a ten-year veteran of the video game industry, 4gency brings experience from Zipper Interactive, Microsoft Game Studios, Amazon, Big Fish Games, Sierra Studios and Pipeworks. Habitat is the team’s first Kickstarter funded game. For more information on 4gency visit: http://4gency.com

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Mario Kart 8 - The Wii-U bundle pack

mario kart 8 wii u bundle
The Mario Kart 8 bundle can be yours for £250.

Nintendo confirmed the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle for Europe today, but there's no word yet if it's coming to North America. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this.

The Premium bundle packs in the 32GB black Wii-U with a hardcopy of the game, and all the accessories pictured within. It's launching alongside the game on May 30, priced £250 in the UK according to Nintendo's store.

Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8 will be released on the 30th of May in EU (the US have to wait for a release date though).

For around £50 more, owners can align with one of Nintendo's plumber brothers in Mario and Luigi themed Wii U pack (Notice that the accessories are themed Luigi?) packages bundle in your choice of red or green hats, Game-Pad protectors, Wii-U racing wheels and non-additional Wii Remote Plus controllers.

You also receive a game guide, which you probably won’t use, because you know how to make the blue tortoise shell work. The Mario and Luigi bundles, appear to be limited to the UK, and exclusive to Nintendo's online store.

Mario Kart 8 brings the long-running racer series to the Wii-U finally. It also features new elements like zero-g racing, piranha plant items, and lots of race cars. Underwater tracks are returning, and hopefully we will see some downloadable content for the game, but only time will tell.

With Mario and friends in tow, we’ll drift around corners to get you the info you need, as more is revealed.

/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground

Leo’s Fortune - A beautiful platform game for iOS

leos fortune
Can you help Leo to find his stolen fortune?

It sure seems like the Swedish indie studio 1337 and Senri (the creators of Devil’s Attorney and Dark Nebula) got something really nice going down with their iOS platform game "Leo’s Fortune" (it´s yours for $5 via the App store). At least that´s what i feelt when i watched the beautiful announcement trailer for the game.

So i might just give it a try =)

Press release:
"Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful new platformer from 1337 & Senri, the creators of Devil’s Attorney and Dark Nebula. 1337 & Senri, a 4-person team from Sweden, have put their unique spin on the platforming genre and raised the bar for graphics in a mobile or tablet game. It’s a premium game with no in-app purchases, available now in Sweden for Kr. 38.00 / Denmark for Kr. 32.00 / Norway for Kr. 35.00 / Finland for Euro 4.49 in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Leo’s Fortune follows the story of Leopold, a mustached furball who was once wealthy but wakes up one day to discover his gold fortune has been stolen. The thief dropped gold like a trail of breadcrumbs, which Leo must follow to recover his fortune and find the culprit. Along the way you’ll meet Leo’s strange family and reveal a twisting mystery.

You’ll jump and float to avoid deadly traps, solve physics-based puzzles, and guide Leo through 24 hand-crafted levels. Each level is one enormous, unique piece of art, a first ever for a mobile platformer.

This is the first game to release from Tilting Point’s developer partners."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Tomodachi Life - The next Animal Crossing?

tomodachi life
Tomodachi Life will be released in the UK on the 6th of June this summer (for 3DS).

I honestly haven't had this "omfg!" and "dafuq did i just watch?!" feeling about Nintendos games for years. But then i watched the Tomodachi Life Direct video. And, well. I don´t know what to say exactly. Let´us just say that i had a quite bisar experience.

But if you look past the big "omfg!" factor of the movie. And focus on the "actual" gameplay parts of Tomodachi Life instead. Then it seems like some kind of Animal Crossing kind of game for 3DS? The question remains however.

Will Tomodachi Life be worth our time and money? In June we shall all find out!

About Tomodachi Life:
"What happens when friends, family, and celebrities become Mii™ characters and live together on an island? Tomodachi Life happens! Start by creating Mii characters and customizing everything about them. Have fun recreating your best friend, your favorite actor, mom and dad, co-workers...whoever! Then watch as they rap, rock, eat donuts, fall in love, break up, go shopping, play games, and live their crazy Mii lives."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Capcom might show Resident Evil 7 during the E3 event

resident evil 7
Resident Evil 7 will either make, or break the RE series.

Let´s be honest now shall we. Resident Evil 6 was a big disaster, and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City was even worse. And the only thing that was worse than the actual grade for the games, were the sales reports.

So i am somewhat sceptical about Resident Evil 7. Because honestly, imo. The very last "good" Re title was RE4. But after RE4, things just went downhill for the RE series. And  i was pretty sceptical when i wrote my article "Resident Evil 7 will become a Xbox One exclusive?", back in March as well.

So "if" the E3 rumors really are true (that Capcom will show the world Resident Evil 7 at the E3 event). Then i really hope for Capcoms sake. That Resident Evil 7 will become something really epic. Because both Capcom and the Resident Evil series life depends on it...

Anyhow, you can read more about the Resident Evil 7 E3 rumors at Siliconera.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Shu Takumi presents a new Ace Attorney game for the world

phoenix wright
"Ace Attorney Grand Turnabout Trial: The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke". What a...ehrm, nice name.

Series creator Shu Takumi is at work on a brand-new Ace Attorney game that takes the series more than a century into the past. According to the leaked pages, the game will be set in Japan's Meiji era (Sept. 1868 through July 1912) and star an ancestor of the series' famous lawyer, Phoenix Wright. 

His name is Naruhodou Ryuunosuke. In the picture, he is seen carrying a sword and the article describes him as having a keen sense of justice, and quick to put himself in danger. Hopefully we’ll get to see him draw his katana, and point it when he shouts objection!

ace attorney japanese magasine
"Dai Gyakuten Saiban — Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken". That´s the Japanese name of the new Ace Attorney game.

The new game's full title is Dai Gyakuten Saiban — Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken, which translates to Grand Turnabout Trial — The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke.

Takumi has worked on every game in the Ace Attorney series since the original Nintendo DS title, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, in 2001.

Takumi did not work on the most recent release of Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, because at that time, he was focused on the crossover title of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, which still has yet to receive a release date.

It comes as a bit of a surprise that the Ace Attorney series is traveling backwards in time yet again. The last time we saw this happen, were in past renditions of the games- Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations, and Apollo Justice Ace Attorney.

Shifting the series backwards a bit, is a great idea. Since many of us would love to see if Mia Fey had ancestors, who interacted with Phoenix Wright’s. I can’t wait to see what happens with this title, being a huge fan of the series, so stay with us as more develops. 

/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground

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