TinyKeep - Part 1 - Thank god for Scottish women

A Scottish woman saved my day (literally).
I have just played Phigames action/adventure/RPG game "TinyKeep". And i have to say that i love the game so far. It´s like a cartoon version of Diablo and Dungeon Keeper (a mix of the two).

Plus a large dose of dark humor on top of that. Don´t get fooled by the looks of TinyKeep though, it´s a rather hard game (at times). I died at stage 3 for ex (i faced a large skeleton boss).

Anyhow, please enjoy part 1 of TinyKeep folks =) And yes, Scottish women ftw! ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Quake Remake - Part 2 - Quake is back in biz again!

quake remake part 2 
What´s the next step for the Quake series?

Even though this is just the second video that i have recorded for Quake Remake (it´s a mix of the Darkplaces engine and the Epsilon mod).  I can already say that Quake doesn get much better than this.

Quake Remake is like a mix of everything that made Quake epic + way better graphics, sound quality and animations. 
Honestly, Quake Remake (and Brutal Doom) OWNS most of todays FPS games (just saying).

Because Quake Remake are like, 100% awesome gameplay to the bone. 
So, with that said. Please enjoy the video folks ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut - Part 1

Glory sure knows how to take care of biz.

So far i have to say that Harebrained schemes have done a really, really good job with the Director´s Cut version of Shadowrun: Dragonfall.It´s like Shadowrun Returns 1.5, sort of.

Let´s just say that you get a lot of value for your money (in my case, 15 Euro). So i had a lot of fun recording this video. 
There´s one thing however. Download the 2.0.3 patch if you buy the game.

Because the patch will fix a lot of the ingame bugs. So with that said, please enjoy the video =) 

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Darkness 2 - Part 3 - The indestructible vending machine

Die you evil "hard to kill" vending machine, die!

If you have played The Darkness before. Then you know more than well that you can smash almost anything in the game (the environment). So i was quite surprised to find out that you can´t destroy vending machines in The Darkness 2.

Because neither physical or gun violence will work on them. 
Me, i find that to be somewhat funny. Especially due the fact that one of the vending machines that i tried to smash, was a Coca Cola machine.

Oh well, please enjoy the video folks =)

/Jonas E
The Gaming Ground

Quake Remake - Part 1 - Introduction time

quake remake part 1 
So, we meet again. Oh well, time to die!
Back in 1996 ID Software released a real beast of a FPS game. Yes, i´m of course talking about Quake. That game changed pretty much everything when it comes to Gaming and FPS games.

Because even though Doom had internet and LAN support. Quake toke it to the next level. And a very early version of the E-Sport scene was created thanks to Quakes huge popularity.

Me, i bought a new PC just so that i could play Quake. But it´s been over 10 years ago since i played Q1 the last time. So it´s my greate pleasure to return to the world of Quake again.

But this time it will be with advance graphics, light and particle effects (and what not). So, please enjoy my very first video of Quake Remake (it´s a mix of Darkplaces and Epsilon, so i just named it "Quake Remake") =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Darkness 2 - Part 2 - The best sidekick ever!

Say hello to the best sidkick in the history of Gaming.

A sidekick can either be a big pain in the ass, or act as a huge pain releaser. And that´s "literally" what the evil British darkling does in the Darkness 2. 
His like a uber evil Gremlin, but with guns and dark powers.

But hey, his on my side. So it´s cool. To bad for my enemies though. So, let´s release all this madness up on the world shall we? ;)

/Jonas E
The Gaming Ground
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