Streets of Rage DJ Yuzoboy Mix - Pure epicness

streets of rage
The game that started it all.

My day couldn't have started any better really. Why? Well, i just found out that DJ Yuzoboy has released two remix collections for Streets of Rage (and part III are on it´s way!). I just listened through part 1, and it sounds really great imo.

So hopefully you guys will enjoy DJ Yuzoboy´s SOR remixes as well =) Me, i just hope that he keeps on making epic remixes for other games as well. I would for example love to see him do a remix for "Zombies ate my neighbours".Cuz that would be freaking awesome!

But what game would you love to see DJ Yuzoboy make a remix for after his done with the SOR series?

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Retro City Rampage Soundtrack

The soundtrack are made by virt, Freaky DNA and Norrin Radd.

I think i just bought the best indie retro album of the year (so far). Im talking about the super uber awesome Retro City Rampage soundtrack (it´s yours for 9.99 bucks via Bandcamp). Cuz imo the album sounds like a nice mix of Mega Man, Batman and Double Dragon (to name a few).

Let´s just say that the tunes brings back a lot of familiar memories. So if you like epic chiptune and NES music, then don´t hesitate to buy the Retro City Rampage soundtrack!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Payday 2 official soundtrack - Simon Viklund

Imo, this is Simon Viklund´s very best soundtrack (creation) to date.


I know more than well that Overkill Software´s action game Payday 2 spread quite a lot of controversy last year. But at least the game turned out to be quite good. I also have to say that Simon Viklund did a excellent job on the soundtrack.

This is like the third time i listen to the Payday 2 soundtrack in less than 24 hours. So imo, the soundtrack are easly worth the $5 that it costs via bandcamp!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1-4

turrican soundtrack anthology 
All four albums = Epic win imo.

If there´s one video game composer that I really love and respect, then It´s mr Chris Huelsbeck. I have been a fan of his for many, many years now. Mainly because I love the Turrican series, but also because Chris has made quite a "few" awesome soundtracks throughout the years.

But today, I'm going to only focus on his Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1-4 albums (they cost about 10 bucks each). Cuz that´s some of the very best of video game soundtracks. Each album are loaded with one epic song after another.

So yes, I bought all four of them! And so should you, well, at least If you love great music.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Neon EP - Versa

neon ep versa
I love this album!

Yesterday was something of "The night of the internet trolls" for us. But that´s sadly a part of the game. At this moment someone/somebody are abusing the ratingsystem on Youtube (giving ALL of our videos thumbs down). So i guess death threats will be the next thing that will happen to us.

But we are not going to let anyone hold us down. The road to success are very hard indeed, but now we are finally starting to get somewhere. So we ain´t going to slow down one bit, on the contrary. We shall go faster.

But enough of that. I just noticed that three of our Youtube videos has so many views that the counter has stopped at "301" views. So it shall be very interesting to see the "real" view count in the near future. Speaking of "interesting".

I just started to listen to Versa´s album "Neon EP". And it´s really, really good imo. So check it out on bandcamp boys and girls!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Valley Madness EP - Optimus Prime

A album that´s easly worth 7 bucks imo.

If there is one cartoon show that i really love. Then it´s the original Transformers show (1984-1987). Infact, i loved Transformers so much, that i used to record all the tv-episodes on our old VHS player back in the days (early Saturday mornings).

But over the years, Transformers got transformed into something "else". And i don´t even want to comment Michael Bay´s shitty Transformers movies. No, im just going to remember the golden years in the 80s.

Cuz that was when the Transformers show was the very best imo. Speaking of which. I just heard about Optimus Prime´s (AKA "O-Prime") album "Valley Madness E.P" (it´s yours for 7 bucks via bandcamp). And i tell you what.

That´s one hell of a epic rap/hip hop album. So if you like Transformers and hip hop. Then don´t miss out on this one!

About O-Prime:
"This is the one and only Prime in the central valley, O.Prime. Hip-hop is allegorically represented as a unique and intrinsically sounding sub-culture that is now prodigiously displayed as a universal movement."

/Robin E
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