Apple introduces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

I really like the new design of the iPhone 6.

Due the fact that i´m one of those smartphone users that wait´s 2-3 years before i change my phone. I´ve been stuck with my iPhone 4 since 2011. So, yeah. It´s about time that i get a new smartphone. But as we all know, it´s a huge smartphone jungle out there.

So it´s easier said than done to fine the right phone for you. But i made up my mind after Apples September event last night. I´m going for a iPhone 6, i will not pick the plus model though. Because i already got a iPad 4th gen, so i have no need for the bigger screen edition.

But what will the iPhone 6 offer really? In terms of changes, new features and so on. Well, i´m glad that you asked that. Because i took the liberty to list all the new features and changes that the iPhone 6 will offer. The most dramatic change would be the new look (design) of course.

I can´t say that it´s a "huge" change in the design apartment. But at least it´s a change of design. Which would be something that people have criticized Apple for in the past (not being able to change the looks of the iPhone).

Whit that said, feel free to check out all the specs, features of Apples iPhone 6 down below! And oh! You can now pre-order the iPhone 6. And the release date are set to September 19 (next Friday) in America.

Large and thine (iPhone 6 4,7 inches screen, iPhone Plus 5,5 inches screen)
Developing an iPhone with a larger, more advanced display meant pushing the edge of design. From the seamless transition of glass and metal to the streamlined profile, every detail was carefully considered to enhance your experience. So while its display is larger, iPhone 6 feels just right.

Bigger and better display (1334 x 750px iPhone 6, iPhone Plus 1920 x 1080px)
It’s one thing to make a bigger display. It’s something else entirely to make a bigger Multi‑Touch display with brilliant colors and higher contrast at even wider viewing angles. But that’s exactly what we did with the new Retina HD display.

The power of the iPhone 6 (64-bit, A8 chip, M8 motion corprocessor)
Built on 64-bit desktop-class architecture, the new A8 chip delivers more power, even while driving a larger display. The M8 motion coprocessor efficiently gathers data from advanced sensors and a new barometer. And with increased battery life, iPhone 6 lets you do more, for longer than ever.

The new camera
More people take more photos with iPhone than with any other camera. And now the iSight camera has a new sensor with Focus Pixels and new video features, like 1080p HD at 60 fps, slo-mo at 240 fps, and time-lapse video mode. So you’ll have more reasons to capture more moments on video, too.

Apple Connectivity
Phone 6 has faster LTE download speeds,* and it supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone so you can roam in more places. And when connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll get up to 3x faster speeds.

Touch id
The breakthrough Touch ID technology lets you securely access your iPhone with the perfect password: your fingerprint. You can also use it to approve purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without having to enter your password.

Apple pay (coming this October)
We completely rethought how you pay to make shopping faster, easier, and more secure. Apple Pay combines the convenience and security of Touch ID and Passbook with NFC technology. So you can use iPhone 6 to pay in stores and within apps with a single touch.

iOS 8
OS 8 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. And with incredible new capabilities and features designed to make the most of a larger display, iOS 8 doesn’t just work seamlessly with iPhone 6. It makes every experience feel bigger and better.

The price
In America you will get a iphone 6 16GB model for $199 (IF you sign a 2 year contract). The 64GB model will land at $299, and 128GB model will cost $399. The sim free iPhone 6 phones will cost quite a lot though.

To be exact, $649 for the 16GB model, $749 for the 64GB model and $849 for the 128GB version.

"iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Monster Snack 1.0.2 - Update notes

monster snack
The ugly fish has been updated.

Back in July i wrote about Total eclipse Games (the makers of "A Clockwork Brain") action/"Run away iOS game "Monster Snack" (it´s a free-to-play title). Well, the other day i was informed that Total eclipse have recived a lot of feedback from the players.

So they have released a new version of Monster Snack (v1.0.2). Which includes a handful of bug fixes and new features. You will find a complete list of those changes down below!

Monster Snack 1.0.2 Update Notes
- A shorter, more concise tutorial
- Visual enhancements to the Cave theme
- Two additional refillable Nitro Tank levels, giving players more than just one chance to make a mistake
- Swipe tweaks to make collecting power-ups smoother and easier
- Reduced the intensity of the "Near Miss" effect
- Game balancing
- A brand new splash screen

[Bug Fixes]
- Crash fix when exiting the Hangar!
- Various bug fixes!

About Monster Snack:
From the creators of A Clockwork Brain comes Monster Snack, an exhilarating and fast-paced color-matching action game.Immerse yourself in its addictive rhythm, but be warned, Monster Snack demands your full attention and sharp reflexes in order to avoid a trip inside the monster's stomach!Help intrepid crocodile pilot, Monsieur LeCroque, as he tries to outsmart hungry Gaspaude, a not-so-bright angler fish.

Use your lasers to zap colorful energy crystals and keep LeCroque's rocket fueled and flying for as long as you can!As you progress, your Croquet Rocket becomes faster, the energy crystals smaller, and your trek ever so challenging. With one wrong move capable of bringing swift doom, only the best will be allowed to advance!Sit back and challenge your friends and family to a game that almost slowed its own production down, by making everyone involved compete for the highest score! 

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Cat Fights - Out now on the App store!

cat fights
Fight!, for your right. To..ehrm, fight with cats? 

Some months ago i wrote about Flow Studios iOS (iPhone and iPad) fighting game "Cat Fights" (which are best described as a cat version of DBZ, but with weapons). Well, today i was informed by the development crew. That Cat Fights has been released on the App store!

And it´s all yours for $3,79 =) So if you like the thought of a cat fighting version of DBZ. Then you might wanna give Cat Fights a go!


About Cat Fights:
Cat Fights is the one and only iOS local fighting game where you fight your friends with cats and crazy weaponry. The goal is to push each other of the stage with quick and responsive swipe attacks, dodge the opponents moves and use a super charged attack to finish the job.

You can also trick your opponent with a stun move so they get swept away by environmental hazards such as swinging logs or totems with laser beams. If that wasn’t enough, you can dress your cat up in the most quirky outfits ever to impress your friends and give them some awesome weapons to finish the job. You can even earn some cool stuff in our mini game challenger system!

About Flow
Aspiring to be a user experience driven studio, we really love to influence people that play our games. We started out as two students who had a vision to be more then just artists and developers and in 2011 it all became reality.

Established in the Dutch Game Garden the Netherlands. We are surrounded by inspiring studios by RageSquid, Abbey Games, Vlambeer. We are noticing that we are growing into one of the leading visual game and app development companies in the Netherlands

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Knituma -The crazy knitting mobile game

A game about knitting you say?

I can´t recall that i´ve seen, heard or played that many knitting games over the years. But that just happens to be the case with Paprika Games mobile game "Knituma" (which are set for a release to iPad and iPhone this Autumn).

And at first sight. Knituma made me think about a lazy, sad and overweight version of Kuma (Tekken), that just sists in his rocking chair knitting all day long. Funny enough, Kuma is actually the name of the bear in Knituma.

But hopefully Knituma won´t have that effect on you as a player. Oh well, time will tell. And due the fact that Knituma will be released this Autumn, we won´t have to wait that long to find out either.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Sleeping Prince - The extreme kind of puzzle solving

Talk about being heavily asleep.

I know that it´is no joking matter to have sleeping disorders. But in Signal Studios and Tilting Point´s puzzle/adventure game "The Sleeping Prince", that´s actually a part of the gameplay. The sleeping part i mean. Because the whole idea would be to use the sleeping prince (Perilous) to save the kingdom (from the evil Sydney Slime).

Which you literally do by using the poor sleeping prince body. No, not in that kind of way (you dirty minded person you). In a ragdoll, puzzle solving/adventure kind of way. Sounds cool right? Well, it get´s better. Because the Sleeping Prince will be released next week! (on the 11th of September for mobile and tablets).

So keep your eyes open for the Sleeping Prince folks =)

About The Sleeping Prince:
You control Prince Perilous as he attempts to save his Kingdom of Cloudreach from the grips of the evil Sydney Slime. The only catch is, he's fast asleep. Players will need to strategically fling the Prince through his castle in this ragdoll puzzle platformer. Confront your enemies and solve puzzles while conserving your magic power to help save Cloudreach.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Etherlords is now available on the App Store!

Etherlords are (believeit or not) a F2P title for iOS.

Targem Games have finally release their super good looking (if mobile games looks like this now. Then just imagine how they will look in the next 5 years from now!) mobile strategy game "Etherlords" (for iOS). And to my big surprise, Etherlords are all F2P. So i´m going to give it a go on my iPad =) 

Press release:
Etherlords is now available for download worldwide! A brand new title by veteran strategy developer Nival, Etherlords for iOS is based on the studio’s best-selling Etherlords franchise for PC and built from the ground up for mobile. (See Key Features below.)

The game is featured on several App Stores today—including those in Central and Eastern Europe, and in the
Middle East.

About Etherlords:
Etherlords iOS is a 3D turn-based strategy game where battles take place in an isometric perspective with an army of Creatures. The game also has a unique “world-building” gameplay mechanic (inspired by the classic tile-based board game, Carcassonne) where worlds are rebuilt piece by piece. A player who destroys an opponent’s world can use the Ether generated by each tile to create and nurture Creatures.

 Players are free to improvise new strategies by fusing creatures, assembling different decks, and managing resources such as Matter and Ether. Etherlords also includes a hefty multiplayer component with asynchronous PvP and a powerful backend that allows for offline play.

Key Features:
- Engage in breathtaking battles
- Collect and fuse stunningly detailed creatures and fight for your world—or conquer others
- Beat your opponent in just 60 seconds—faster than making a cup of coffee :)
- No need for a constant connection to play, and no more interruptions; enjoy PvE and PvP even when
- you’re offline
- Who needs “stamina” when you can keep on playing as long you want?
- Use unique combinations for each battle; sharpen your skills and become the mightiest Etherlord!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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