Zelda triforce lamp - May the triforce be with you!

This epic Zelda triforce lamp are yours for 68 dollars + Shipment. Me wants It!

Yes, you guessed It. Im a HUGE The Legend of Zelda fan. Me, I have been a fan of the series since the very first NES game came out In Europe In the late 80s. Zelda was actually my very first NES game. And I swear, It blowed me away.

Cuz both me and my friends loved adventures (we played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons back then). So when I got my hands on the Zelda game, It was like you had the ability to enter a whole nother world In your very own livingroom.

And I never lost intresst In the Zelda series either. I own most of them, and I play both the old (and the new) games every now and then.So you might guess how freaking excited I became, when I saw the Zelda triforce lamp earlier today.

Cuz I really want that lamp sooo bad! So hopefully, I will get one asap! And Im quite sure that every other Zelda fan out there, would love to have one too ;)

About the Zelda triforce lamp: 
"It's dangerous to go alone! Take... Who am I kidding, we all know you aren't going anywhere... but either way, stop worrying about your Deku Stick burning out, since now you can just use the great Triforce of wisdom, courage, and power to light your all-night gaming sessions!

The Triforce lamp has the crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule on its sides, as well as some yellow Rupees, which project their shapes onto the walls and surrounding objects, making for a pretty awesome effect.

The lamp is made out of acrylic, and is made to order, so please allow time for it to be put together just for you. Please view the Shipping tab to see current shipment times."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

KOTOR Movie Trilogy - Join the dark side!

Kaydon Sentry did a awesome job with his movie imo.

Even though Im a fan of the KOTOR ( Knights of the old republic) series. I had no clue (whatsoever) that there existed a fan made KOTOR movie trilogy. And yet, the maker (Kaydon Sentry) uploaded the first episode last summer.

So I feel like a dumbass at the moment. Im also quite surprised over the fact that episode 1 just have 7K views on Youtube. It deservs way more views imo. So If your a KOTOR fan (or Star Wars fan for that matter), then check out the KOTOR Movie Trilogy asap!
/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Justin Bieber are Miley Cyrus! - A Resident Evil joke

I Started a Joke ;) (Faith no more ref).

Now you might wonder what Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have in common with Resident Evil? Well, last night i noticed a really funny matchup between the two pop stars on Twitter. And i made a really good (imo) Resident Evil joke about the whole thing (see the picture above!).

I was of course refering to Resident Evil: Codename Veronica X and Alfred Ashford. Which is a guy that´s both a transvestite and psychopath, that dresses up like his sister and talks to himself in third person. But obviously no one understood that connection.

Thus no one got the Justin Bieber are Miley Cyrus joke either. Oh well, i had a good laugh at least ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Many Faces of Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Infographic

Miss Lara Croft, then VS now.

Since the very first Tomb Raider game had it´s released back in 1996 (Core Design). A total of 14 Tomb Raider games has been released. And Lara Croft has changed her looks (her female forms and so on) more times than Madonna has.

So it´s actually both interesting and cool to look at all the transformation steeps that Lara Croft has undergone over the years. And thanks to O.J. I got my hands on this really neat transformation picture. So, what do you guys think?

Do you like Lara Crofts looks better now, or do your prefer the old (90s) Lara Croft?

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Valiant hearts - The great war

For queen and country, hell no!

Ubisoft seems to be one of the few big AAA video game companys In the world, that evolve and try new game concepts and ideas. In short, Ubisoft are not afraid to try something new. And Im really thankfull for that. CuzI'm kind of fed up with COD 15, Sims 32 and so on.

Well, you get the idea. But Valiant hearts (It´s a puzzle/adventure game) are really something "else". First of all, the game takes place under "The great war" (WW1), and It´s also Inspired by letters from the first world war. So that alone makes Valiant hearts a really interesting and uniq game, and just look at theawesome graphics! (UbiArt Framework made all the graphics for the game).

It´s also really nice that Valiant hearts will be released to pretty much every format that exists (PC, PS3, PS4, 360 and Xbox One) some time next year. So I just hope that game will turn out really, really great!

About Valiant hearts - The great war:
"Follow the stories of 5 characters and their faithful canine companion during the Great War from 1914 to 1918 Discover an amazing animated comic book adventure A mix of exploration, action and puzzles,"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The power glove - A power glove documentary

Novak (software development) and Tracy Hall (Hardware development) are the makers of the original power glove.

I have just tried the power glove (made by Mattel, PAX. Released In 1989 ) one single time In my life. And that was at a video game event In Sweden In the early 90s. But even back then, I wasn´t that much impressed by the power glove. Cuz It was really clumsy, I also feelt like a dumbass when I used It.

I also thought like this. Why should I buy and use It, when the normal NES controllers are way better? So I didn´t think that much about the power glove after that. Not even the movie "The Wizard", could make me change my opinion about the power glove.

And many, many years later. When I saw AVGN´s the power glove video. I pretty much knew for sure, how fu*ing bad It was and are. But then I heard about the "A power glove documentary" thing, and I had no idea that the power glove had made such an positive impact on the video game industry. 

So I guess even though the power glove sucked balls really bad. It still did some good for the Gaming world In the long run, and that´s pretty much what the A power glove documentary are all about. And from what I´ve have heard, The Power of Glove Team are planing to do a Kickstarter campaign for "A power glove documentary".

So keep your eyes and ears open for that one people!

About  A power glove documentary:
"IT’S SO BAD. The Power of Glove is a documentary that chronicles the history and legacy of the Power Glove, a 1989 Nintendo controller that promised to forever change the way humankind interacted with technology. Originally released by Mattel, the Power Glove was the first mass-marketed, gesture-based video game controller, and its hype was immense.

Immediately after its release, however, gamers were disappointed by the Power Glove, and critics panned it as a worthless gimmick. Yet unlike many gimmicks and critical failures of the past, the Power Glove has not been simply swept under the rug.

Over two decades after its release, the Power Glove continues to resonate with video gaming and technology fans, becoming the focus of art pieces, songs, videos, hacking projects, and other forms of cultural repurposing. The Power of Glove is the story of how and why the Power Glove lives on.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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