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Every now and then people ask me if i gamble or bet on anything. Well, the truth is that i only bet on soccer teams (it´s called "Stryktipset" in Sweden). Because i love soccer (irl soccer and video games). That´s also why i do my soccer bettings via Betsafe.

Because they just happen to offer some really good beting deals (and odds). So if you're into betting, then you should consider to give Betsafe a try!

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/Robin E
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Crazy YouTube Conspiracy or Legitimate Concern? - Part 2

athene youtube conspiracy
Athene might be on to something about Youtube...

Not so long ago i wrote about Athene's video "Crazy YouTube Conspiracy or Legitimate Concern?".Because i believed that Athene has tracked down some really dirty business about Youtube (the darkside of Youtube). Well, it seems like my guts was right about the whole thing.

And earlier today someone commented this on our previous article:

"Athene's video Aboutaleb the conspiracy had been remover or blocked apparently ;) which means YouTube is affraid of it's consequences and implications ;) think About it, why else would they remove one of athene's video's???"From a anonymous source

So make what you want out of it. But there´s some strange and dirty shit going down at the Youtube HQ...

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

We got 15K followers on Twitter!

tgg 15k followers on twitter
Great! Now it´s "just" 5K left to the 20K mark.

Well, the weather may suck really hard in Sweden at the moment. But at least i got some good news to tell you guys. Cuz we just reached the 15K mark on Twitter! That´s right, over 15,000 people are now following us on Twitter.

So we might actually reach 20K before this month is over. That would be a great achievement indeed. Because the we didn´t expect to get 20,000 followers before the end of this year. But "IF" we do reach 20K at the end of this month.

Then our next goal will be 50K. And oh, we will start to do giveaways on Twitter soon ;) We would also like to thank everyone for all the love and support, we love you boys and girls!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Crazy YouTube Conspiracy or Legitimate Concern? - Athene

athene youtube conspiracy
Athene thinks that there "might" be a YouTube conspiracy going on in the background.

I just watched Athene´s "Crazy YouTube Conspiracy or Legitimate Concern?" video. And i actually believe that Athene are on to something here. Cuz the more you think about it, the more you realize that there´s something strange going on with Youtube.

And "IF" there´s any truth at all to all the stuff that Athene mentioned in his video. Then Youtube (Google) are in for a really rough ride. Becouse if thats the case. Then Youtube are ripping off people on their hard earned money.

Then it´s no longer "just" a Youtube issue. No, cuz then it's a legal issue. And IF Athene will be able to prove all his theories and beliefs about Youtube (Views and statics). Then Athene will become something of a rather big fly in Googles big soup tureen called Youtube.

I will watch and observe this case very, very closely. You can trust me on that.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Internet trolls - How to handle them

internet troll
A internet troll in action.

Sadly enough, our dear beloved internet just happens to be full of internet trolls. And i'm talking about millions, and millions of internet trolls.They are literally everywhere, and nowhere. And the more famous and successful you become. The more internet trolls will target you (the same thing goes for haters).

But that´s the price that you have to pay to reach to the very top of the food chain. Cuz there's no way to avoid them, but you can sure as hell ignore them (don´t feed them!). And don´t even think about starting a argument war with a internet troll.

Cuz that´s a war that you will never win. Trust me, It´s just a waste of both time and energy (and for some strange reason. Most internet trolls seems to have a lot of time on their hands). Me, i have been called a lot of things. Trolls have even threaten me.

But i'm not going to let them bring me down, or stop me from doing the stuff i love (making videos and writing articles). So how do you handle these foul creatures of the night? Well, i found a really good article about internet trolls (and how you should handle them) at webroot´s homepage.So you could always check that article out for some advice and guidance.

But have any of you guys (and girls) had any really bad internet troll experiences?

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

We got 10,000 followers on Twitter!

tgg 10k twitter 2014 01 01
The next goal will be to reach the 20K mark before the end of this year.

I´ve got some rather great news to share with you guys. Cuz I just noticed that we have reached the 10K follower mark on Twitter. Sure, we didn't reach that goal last year (yesterday), but what a heck, We reached that goal just one day later.

So we are totally cool with It. Anyhow, a big, big thank you to everyone that made this happen for us. We love you all! Our next goal would be to nail the 20K follower mark on Twitter. Wish us luck people ;)

/Robin E
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