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From the very start. We used a 1/60 rating system. Then we moved on to a 1/10 system. But now it´s time for the final form of our rating system. The 1/5 system. Why? You might wonder. Because it´s a way easier system to use (and understand) to start with. 

And it´s pretty logic. Because it´s based on 5 different categories. Which would be the following:

Gameplay: X/5
Graphics: X/5
Sound and music: X/5
Controls: X/5
Replay value: X/5

Which then becomes the "Verdict: X/5". We also use "Pros" (good attributes) and "Cons" (bad attributes). Which effects the final grade in a bad or good way. But i think you get the idea. And further down the page you will find our complete rating system (with explanations to each grade).

So, this would be a wrap!

tgg grade 5 out of 5

5/5 Epic win!
Only the best of the best belongs in this division. And we are talking about pure perfection to the bone here. There are no flaws to be found (pretty much). It´s the kind of experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. So have no doubts, because it´s a must buy!   

4/5 Great
We can assure you this. If you ever see a review of ours. And we have given it a 4/5 grade. Then you don´t have to worry about a thing. Because you won´t waste your time or money if you choose to pick that product up.

3/5 Mediocre 
Not quite crap, but not quite great either. It´s a half broken experience pretty much. Let´s just say that you won´t get that "wow!" feeling. Nor will you remember it once the end credit text has rolled by on your screen. It´s a "meh" feeling at best.  

2/5Pretty bad
If a product/service end up in this region of our rating system. Then you better avoid it altogether. Because there are way better alternatives out there. In short, do yourself a big favour. Look elsewhere to get your kicks.

1/5 Epic fail
If we rate a game, movie (or whatever) 1/5. Then avoid the product like the plague. Because not only is it a waste of your time and money. The product in question will also haunt your soul for an eternity, IF you buy it. But if you like to torture yourself, then be my guest.

/The TGG Crew

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