Ascent has now reached 60 percent in funding on Kickstarter!comment_here

ascent the space game
Believe it or not. But Ascent has over 270 billion star systems to explore.

The time is starting to run out for Fluffy Kitten Studios and their Space Mmo game "Ascent: The Space Game" on Kickstarter. There´s some good news however, and that would be the fact that Ascent has reached over 60% in funding so far.

So there´s about  $13,000 missing at the moment. So the question would be if Ascent (and Fluffy Kitten Studios) will be able to collect all that money within 9 days from now? I sure hope so! Because imo, i think Ascent: The Space Game deserves to happen.

Press release:
With 11 days to go, the space MMO *Ascent: The Space Game* has now reached 60 percent in funding -- $21,291 out of $35,000 (Australian dollars).

Developed by James Hicks and Chris Mitchell of Fluffy Kitten Studios, Ascent offers unprecedented depth and scale for an independent game—with 270 billion star systems, ship customization, colonies, asteroid mining, player-driven voting system, trade, and much more. To date, the developers have spent more than $70,000 out of pocket to fund the project.

(Yes, this is a space MMO developed by 2 guys [only 1 programmer] for well under $100,000!).

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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