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dead years 
Something tells me that there will be rather hard to survive in "Deadly Years". 
I know, i know. "Not another zombie survival game". But ZeroByte´s "Deadly Years" seems to be very different from the other zombie games out there. Imo, it seems to be a mix of Day-Z (zombie survival game) and Jagged Alliance (the looks of the game).

But due the fact that there is no gameplay video or trailer for Deadly Years. It´s hard to tell what we can expect from the game at this moment. But Deadly Years sure seems interesting anyhow. I just hope that Deadly Years become something "uniq".

Because most zombie games are pretty much the very samething. I should also mention that Deadly Years seems to be coming to either Kickstarter (or Indiegogo). So keep an eye open for Deadly Years!

The Game
Dead Years is an indie zombie survival game. It takes place six months after the initial outbreak. You are one of the few remaining survivors, exploring the wastelands with the only friend you have left, your dog.

Explore. Scavenge. Survive. With hundreds of locations to discover, you will be able to walk along abandoned highways, go downtown in small and large cities, explore the zombie infested countryside and much more. You will have to scavenge for ammunitions, canned food and weapons. But don’t go out there wearing a t-shirt! Craft your own armor with the materials you can find and make sure nothing manages to bite you!

The dog
Your dog is part of the team! He saved your life countless times and he knows how to fight zombies. He’s quick, stealthy, deadly. He also gains his own levels and skill points. Teach him the abilities you want. Have him fight at your side in melee combat or train him as a stealthy assassin running in the shadows without being seen and going for the head. You will always be out there as a team, both working together and helping each other.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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