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Mad Catz + OnLive = True!

A while back Mad Catz announced that M.O.J.O would be enabling games and content to de displayed in UHD (Ultra High Definition).  With OnLive now optimised for M.O.J.O., their exceptionally flexible and powerful Micro Console continues to grow both in strength and in popularity. It will also become the first to stream the OUYA’ s content very soon.

Using the updated OnLive Android app (available for download free from the Google Play store), the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro Console for Android will stream PC games from OnLive's high-end optimized gaming servers, allowing players to have access to over 250+ AAA titles from OnLive's PlayPack game service. , They will also have access, and control to their own game libraries using OnLive's new CloudLift service.


The OnLive Android app is fully customized for use with M.O.J.O. and the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.Mobile Gamepad, both key products in the Mad Catz GameSmart for mobile hardware. The bandwidth caps have been redefined to be used on mobile Android devices, and enabled for 720p resolution when connected to an HD TV or an HD monitor.  

"We designed M.O.J.O. to a high specification, as we conceived the platform to grow and evolve, encompassing new features and services over time."

"One of our best features is that OnLive brings big games to small devices," said Rick Sanchez, VP of Product and Marketing at OnLive. "We want to be everywhere the gamer wants to play their games, and M.O.J.O. from Mad Catz is a perfect fit in every respect. As a micro-console powered by Android, it's powerful beyond its size, and now by installing the optimized OnLive Android app, users have access to the latest AAA games from publishers like Codemasters, Deep Silver, Devolver Digital, Gaijin Entertainment, Kalypso, Paradox, and Warner Bros."


Said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. With this new generation of Cloud Gaming and mobile hardware being exclusive, Mad Catz has created the high-end gaming experience away from the desktop PC and into the living room. 

Details of the games available to play using CloudLift and the OnLive Game Service are available at games.onlive.com/cloudlift, including a free 7-day trial of CloudLift for new users. The new OnLive Android app can be downloaded free from the Google Play store. I can’t wait to see what new direction Mad Catz travels in with this new acquisition. For additional information about M.O.J.O., please visit: www.madcatz.com/mojo/


Let us know what you think about Mad Catz new announcement in the comments below.

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